Zucchini Companion Plants Perfect For Growing Zucchini Chemical-Free

Summer brings with it lots of time spent in the vegetable garden. Zucchini is a classic squash plant that replaces winter squash in our gardens during the hottest months. Like most plants, zucchini does best with other plants by its side in the form of companion plants. Companion plants and trap crops can fix nitrogen issues, keep garden pests like nematodes and flea beetles away, and in general prevent infestation. Companion plants basically make it to where you don't need to worry about nasty pesticides, if planted correctly.

The main purpose of companion plants is not necessarily for companionship, but to repel bugs. We're talking about crawlers like cabbage worms, cucumber beetles, Mexican bean beetles, carrot flies, and cabbage moths among others. Parsley, catnip, chives, legumes, and more can help keep pests away.

Companion plants can also attract good crawlers like bees and ladybugs, which help pollinate your crops for good veggie growth. Planting companion plants also helps improve the soil nutrients and speed up the growth process, leading to a superior harvest.

Convinced? Here's 6 of the best zucchini companion plants you should look into planting in your zucchini patch.

1. Borage

Borage is great at keeping bad insects away. Not only does it deter pest worms, but it also attracts beneficial insects like bees. Since it's a flower, it also has the added benefit of making your garden bed look nice!

2. Beans

Beans such as bush beans and pole beans help balance the PH levels in soil. You need good soil to grow things like zucchini and its great companions. Take care of that first this growing season.

3. Marigolds


"Marigolds attract pests, like mosquitos, whiteflies, aphids, squash bugs, and squash vine borers. Plant marigolds away from your zucchini crop to help ensure these pests don't damage your plants," Masterclass shared.

4. Oregano

Oregano grows low, making for good ground cover in your garden space. It also helps with pest control against cabbage moths.

5. Phacelia

"Phacelia are flowers that promote good pollination in squash vegetables, and attract pollinators," Masterclass said. Summer squash is often mistaken for zucchini, so you might as well grow it under full sun alongside phacelia to make a protective, good companion to the squash.

6. Nasturtiums

Not quite made for companion planting, but still as beneficial when planting zucchini, you want to grow nasturtiums further away so that this trap crop can keep pests away. There's always one that needs to take one for the team, and in this case it's this zucchini companion plant.

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