Your Own Herb Garden Is Only a Gardening Kit + Cedar Planter Away

Are you thinking about freshening up your kitchen with the scents of fresh herbs from the garden? Yeah, me too. I'm craving the sunshine and perfect weather to get my new herb garden started.

The tastes of fresh mint, basil, cilantro, and dill are so close I can taste it. However, I definitely need somewhere to start and that is where things get tricky.

The beginning is often the hardest part of a new hobby, but luckily, we've got your two basic needs covered with a garden tools set that has everything you'll ever need, and an elevated garden planter so you can start planting and tending to your garden.

You'll Need: Vremi 9-Piece Garden Tools Set

gardening tool set

This gardening tool set provides all the necessary tools you need to get things going. From garden gloves to a garden tote, you can keep those hands clean and your tools organized.

With this set, you also receive garden trowel pruners, a hand rake, weeder, pruning sheers, and a transplanter for indoor and outdoor gardens. This bag is perfect for you or for the beginner gardner in your life. This carry around tool set only costs $37.99. Uh, sold.

You'll Need: CedarCraft Elevated Garden Planter 

garden planter

Now that you've got the tool kit, you're going to need something to grow those fresh herbs in! This CedarCraft Garden Planter is a great way to start planting your seeds for a blooming vegetable garden.

The simple, yet elegant design will add style to your outdoor area while the height ensures that you won't have a pestering rabbit or those annoying back aches. You can grow flowers, veggies, strawberries and more in this amazing planter and it only costs $149.99.

Don't let the journey to growing some of the freshest fruits be hindered by not knowing where to start. This tool kit and planter are sure to get you growing in the right direction!