Moringa: The New Superfood You're About to See Everywhere

You're over turmeric lattes and kale caesar salad, but somehow nothing has seemed to replace these two superfoods. That is until now. Sweeping the nation is the latest addition to the rotation of superfoods, and it's called moringa. While it's not a new concept, as moringa oleifera is used in traditional medicine and as a food source in places like South India, Pakistan, and Ethiopia, the moringa tree is gaining fans looking for the next wellness miracle.

A scrubby, drought-tolerant plant, it grows in both dry and tropical climates, as well as subtropical areas, where it produces the bitter moringa leaves that are vying for the next superfood nomination. Oil extraction brings forth the best moringa benefits and you can even find essential oils in moringa varieties.

Not only does this plant have a laundry list of health benefits, but due to its native habitat, investing in this food is an ideal way to help improve the lives of people in the developing countries in which it grows.

Particularly in the tropics of West Africa, South Asia, and South America, often where malnutrition is widespread, the tree flourishes and is already a staple in diets. However, advocates of this superfood think that it can make an even bigger nutritional and economic impact if this plant becomes purposefully cultivated for export purposes. 

What Does Moringa Do?

Though most parts of this plant are edible, it is the leaves and the moringa seeds that hold the nutritional punch that has become so coveted. So to maximize the ounce-for-ounce potential that can be extracted from this plant, it is often sold in powder form where its nutritional profile is said to rival that of milk and eggs.

When it comes to moringa benefits, the tree offers quite a few, from preventing heart disease and boosting moods for those suffering with depression. It also

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Items like moringa powder, moringa oil, and its leaf extract all contain the anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant, and nutritional value of the moringa plant, making it the perfect additional to smoothies to receive the full beneficial properties.

However, besides being extraordinarily healthy, the tree can do everything from reducing inflammation to enhancing digestion and boosting energy.

In fact, this superfood has:

  • 2x the protein of yogurt

  • 4x the Vitamin A of carrots

  • 3x the potassium of bananas

  • 4x the calcium of milk

  • 7x the Vitamin C of oranges

As a result of these benefits, moringa contains essential nutrients that boost your immune system and brain health. The essential amino acids it offers not only purifies you on the inside, but it strengthens hair and nail growth, as well.

It's a fantastic boost to breast milk production for nursing mothers, and moringa supplements contain free radicals that combat cancer. Prescribed against a kidney stone, the use of moringa has been purposeful, though all-encompassing.

Trying the Latest Superfood

Like most traditional ingredients, it is nothing new to those who grew up in areas with knowledge of its existence. For those who have used this plant since ancient time, it tallies a list of hundreds of medicinal benefits, from lowering blood pressure to combating obesity to regulating blood sugar levels.

However, to see how this ingredient benefits your body, you need to try it out.

More herby and earthy than grassy, most people will agree that it actually tastes good as opposed to some other superfoods like spirulina.

Whether you try it fresh in season in the spring and summer, or you purchase it powdered or canned, its peppery finish will be a welcome addition to your dishes year round.

So get ready to give this latest superfood a try. Here are 3 recipes to get started.

1. Moringa Smoothie Bowl

moringa superfood smoothie

As beautiful as it is tasty, you won't regret trying it. Harness the nutritive values of moringa by combining it with fresh fruits to jumpstart your morning.

Get the recipe here.

2. Moringa Pancakes with Figs + Blueberries + Walnuts + Honey

gluten free moringa pancakes
The Yummy Traveler

Gluten-free, fruit-laden, nutrition-packed. Talk about a powerful start to your day.

Get the recipe here.

3. Moringa Drumstick Leaves Curry

Drumstick Leaves Curry
Chef in You

A great way to make sure that you get those daily greens.

Get the recipe here.

4. Murungai Keerai Sambar

superfood Drumstick-Leaves-Soup-678x1024
Jopreet's Kitchen

Think of this like spiced daal, but with an extra wallop of nutrition packed in.

Get the recipe here.

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