These 12 Fun Meal Helpers Were Designed with Picky Eaters in Mind

Trying to explain to your kid that eating your vegetables has its long term benefits is quite difficult. Am I right? However, they might not put up such a fight when they see what they are eating them on. The KidsFunwares brand has provided some of the coolest meal sets around.

Plates with matching utensils, some of which include musical instruments, have really changed how kids are viewing dinner. It's like play time and dinner time have combined their magical forces into one! We went ahead and gathered some of our favorite items in hopes of making dinner time and play time more fun for the both of you.

1. Dinosaur Taco Holder


Taco 'bout a fun way to make sure your kiddo eats their food. Let them know they can't play with the dinosaur until all of the taco is gone.

After that, Big Foot is all theirs! Get this fun taco holder for just $11.68.

2. Me Time Meal Set (Dump Truck)

dump truck

This combines the best of both worlds. What kid wouldn't want to eat off a plate that is modeled similar to their toys?

Even cooler, the fork and spoon has a dump truck placed right in the middle. Get this for just $13.39.

3. Fun Connecting Straws

crazy straws

It's a challenge they will be willing to take. If you're trying to get the kids to drink more juice but don't know how, this is your answer.

Have them build their own straws with this 80 piece set and let the fun ensue. This intense version of a crazy straw is just $13.95.

4. Mermaid Meal Set

mermaid set

This mermaid plate set is perfect for keeping food separate. The plate has three sections so you can sooth the picky eater.

This set also comes with a fork and spoon to match so your youngin' gets the best experience. Get this set for just $11.09.

5. Chew-Chew Train Place Setting


How neat is this? While not in use. This train can serve as a place setting or simple decoration for the kitchen. However, when it is time to eat, you can use each different part of this train to enjoy a meal.

This breaks down so you have a cup, a plate, a blow, condiment settings and more. Get this rad chew-chew train for just $18.99.

6. Princess Platter Castle Place Setting


This castle is sure to be a hit with the girls. This place setting is a cute castle until you break it down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Similar to the train above, this castle consists of pieces such as a plate, a bowl, a cup and a condiment serving tray. This fun dinnerware set it just $16.75.

7. Build-A-Meal Set: Elephant

elephant plate

This break away plate is perfect if you want to split it up amongst the kids. Say little susie wants granola and milk, no problem.

Just fill up one of the detachable ears and there you go. Now you can use the main plate for bobby and his waffles! This sharing plate is just $13.99.

8. Me Time Meal Set (Police Car)

police car

You can only play cops and robbers, after you finish your dinner! This plate and utensil set will subside your kid's urge to want to run and play, temporarily of course.

Get this fun meal set for just $16.85.

9. Me Time PP Dinnerware Set (Fire Engine)

fire engine

Bring the big red truck home with you with this fire engine dinnerware set. This includes a fork and spoon with a truck placed in the middle and is sure to keep the kids entertained.

Shop this for just $13.33.

10. Me Time Musical Utensils & Functional Flutes

musical plate

Give the gift of music and food with this musical themed plate and utensil set. The utensils are functional flutes (how cool!) and the plate is decorated with musical notes and dancers.

Get this set for just $7.95.

11. 4-Square Meal Plate


If you have trouble getting your kiddo to eat their entire meal, this plate might be the perfect solution.

The spinner allows them to gamble on which food they will eat next, making it a fun game of anticipation all the while squeezing in all of their necessary food groups. Get this plate for just $9.95.

12. Tiger Build-A-Meal Plate

tiger plate

Maybe it's too rainy to go to the zoo. That's alright! You can bring the animals to your home with this plate set. Each defining feature breaks off so you can separate the snacks, just in case your buddy doesn't like their food to touch.

This is great for breakfast if you want to put yogurt in the smaller bowls while the eggs and bacon rest fresh and ready on the main plate. This wild animal plate set is just $37.00.

KidsFunwares has thought of it all. It won't be difficult to keep the kids in their seats with these fun meal sets.