Kitchen Cleaning: Don't Neglect These 7 Things Daily

When it comes to hygiene, there are things that we as humans have ingrained into our daily routines. Day after day, year after year, we brush our teeth, wash our face, and put on deodorant. If you're someone who wears contacts, you probably can't even recall putting your lenses into your eyes this morning. It's just part of the routine.

An area of cleanliness that most people neglect to make part of their daily routine is the kitchen. The kitchen is where we handle, prepare, and consume the things we eat, and with so much of our health influenced by nutrition, it's important to keep the space in which we store and make food as clean as possible.

None of these tasks take that long, and by incorporating them into your daily routine for, say, a few weeks you'll forget that you once dreaded doing them.

1. Coffee Maker

Most coffee makers (espresso machines, French presses, or whatever else you choose to use) undergo daily use. Being exposed to your hands on a daily basis, coffee makers can acquire quite a bit of dirt. Washing them (your coffee maker and your hands) frequently is highly advised.

2. Hand Towels

Colorful Towels Cutout Already used

That brings us to hand towels. They have a tendency to hang on handles, sit on counters, and pile up next to the sink for weeks upon weeks at a time. Since these handy tools are part of your hand-washing repertoire, it's important to freshen them daily.

Don't wait until they stink or have turned brown to wash them; stock your kitchen with a week's worth of hand towels so that you can have clean hands, clean food, and a clean conscience every day.

3. Kitchen Counter


The kitchen counter can easily become a large-scale Petri dish of sorts. Instead of allowing your counter to become the residence of billions of bacterial specimens, clean it at least once per day.

If your kitchen counter is like ours, it gets used incessantly. Cleaning it each time it's used is more than wise, it's downright imperative.

4. Kitchen Floor

Low Angle View of Young Woman Mopping Kitchen Floor with Focus on Shiny Clean Floor and Mop

Cookie crumbs, shards of frozen berries, wayward drops of hot oil, and many more types of food shrapnel coat our kitchen floors as we cook and eat.

The longer you wait to break out your mop or Swiffer, the more likely you are to be exposing your family to nasty grime. If you walk around your kitchen daily, you should be cleaning it daily as well. It shouldn't take you more than five minutes, seriously.

5. Kitchen Sink

Sure, the sink is for washing things, but have you ever considered that it may need to be washed itself? Rinsing the knife you used to butterfly raw chicken in the sink exposes it to the same nasty things inside of the meat.

Dumping the putrid residuals of the smoothie you took to work three days ago introduces everything that's began to grow in it over those three days. Do we need to list more examples? Sanitizing your sink at the end of each day is an excellent addition to your household hygienic habits.

6. Kitchen Table


If you're one of those families who eats their meals in the TV room, substitute "kitchen table" with "pillows on the sofa." Jokes aside, the kitchen table simply must be cleansed after each use.

If you have little ones who use the kitchen table to do homework and projects, it's even more important to sanitize it after every meal.

7. Sponges


You may be asking yourself, "How on Earth am I supposed to wash a sponge? With another sponge?" Don't worry: At first, we thought the same thing. Then we saw that sites like Good Housekeeping have great instructions on how to clean your sponges.

Bleach soaks, dishwashers, and even the microwave all prove effective germ-killers, and you should consider cleaning your sponges daily so that you don't expose the dishes you've "cleaned" to more filth.

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