The Way This Buffet Prices Kids' Meals is So Family-Friendly

Pricing in the restaurant industry can be convoluted and confusing at times. We've dug into why the second cheapest wine on the menu might not be the best choice, and we've even seen hilarious names for kid's meals that mimic their common complaints. While this Australian restaurant added a suggested man tax to represent the gender wage gap, this traveling tea bus is hitting the road to start quaint, kind tea parties to bring people together. That's why it's nice to see such a thoughtful price policy from restaurants everywhere across the country.

The Stephen Foster Restaurant in Bardstown, Kentucky, is doing just that with a great pricing policy for kids, making it easy for families to eat out. It's not always so reasonable for families, especially those with 3+ children, to afford dinners outside of the home. Check out this menu snippet.


Every buffet meal for children aged 2 through 12 is only $.60 per year. That means that a 12-year-old child is only $7.20, and a 10-year-old is only $6.00. When you consider that it's a buffet, you can imagine that every member of the family will get their fill, with drinks and desserts included.

It's restaurants like this that are making eating out enjoyable for a family in a place that welcomes them gladly. The original poster says more about his experience.

It seems that Stephen Foster is a great spot to eat, especially if you're in the area attending Kentucky's Official Outdoor Musical that is only in Bardstown. And it seems like the food is delicious to boot.

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It's not breakfast in bed but this will do...yummmmmmmm

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So the next time you're in Bardstown with or without little ones in tow, it's worth checking out this little cultural pocket of Kentucky! We hear the brunch buffet is incredible...

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