Did You Know You Can Now Order Food on Facebook?

It's that season where we can all use a little extra help getting things accomplished. Tasks just seem to magically pile up the closer we get to the holidays. Perhaps it's because there is more to do, or maybe it's because the season automatically sets the tone for more hours spent cozied up with friends and family. Either way, often the first thing to slip is our commitment to cooking.

Thankfully, Facebook has come to the rescue with its online ordering app. Gery Gutnik, the product manager leading the food and drink team at Facebook told Wide Open Eats that this is the opportune season to launch this Facebook integration because now is sports season, and "We're in Austin to help make your viewing parties a success now that you can order food with Facebook."

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Think about it, you already know that you're going to be scrolling through Facebook anyways to check updates and chat with your friends. So why would you waste time flipping through several other apps when you could simply flip over to the "Order Food" feature? 

This feature is not only seamlessly linked to restaurant Facebook pages (if they have one), but it also allows you access to your friends' reviews of the food and the photos that they tagged of their meals there.

In Austin, Facebook is All About Local Food Partnerships

According to Gutnick, Austin is one of the flagship cities for the feature's launch. "Facebook combines options from a number of food ordering services, so you don't have to search through multiple places. Here in Austin, you have more choices than ever now that we've partnered with local restaurants and food delivery services MAVN and Favor."

For everyone who lives in ATX, this is exciting news.  There is nothing better than knowing you're supporting local, and we can finally thank Facebook for making it easy to do so. Facebook will not charge any fees to use its new service, and it will not share in any portion of the profits from the orders placed via its social network.

So this season, whether you're planning your own watch party, an evening in with the family, or a quick lunch while at work, since you're probably already on social media anyway, just add a couple extra taps to simplify your day and maybe find a few new culinary gems along the way.

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