You Can Now Get Ben & Jerry's Delivered Directly to Your Doorstep

National Ice Cream Month just keeps getting sweeter. Ben & Jerry's announced today the opening of its online shop, which will ship merchandise and, yes, ice-cold pints of the Vermont duo's ice cream, non-dairy options, frozen yogurt, pint slices, Cores and more right to your front door.

That's right. Now, you needn't leave the comfort of your air-conditioned home this summer to get your hands on a pint of Cherry Garcia, AmeriCone Dream, Phish Food or any of its other favorite flavors.

It's okay to be a little bit (coco)nuts. Photo by @benandjerrysoz

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To keep the celebration going, here are a few of the coolest Ben & Jerry's facts we could find:

-- Ben & Jerry -- that's childhood friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield -- first set out to be a bagel company... until they saw the hefty price tag on bagel-making equipment.

-- Every employee gets three pints of Ben & Jerry's per day. Now that's sweet.

-- There's a Ben & Jerry's flavor "graveyard" where they bury their discontinued flavors -- 300 and counting.

-- After founding Ben & Jerry's, Cohen and Greenfield shipped off to Vermont and completed a $5 correspondence course in ice-cream making, nailing a perfect score... on the open-book test. Their first flavor was vanilla.

-- Ben & Jerry's very first pints were Oreo Mint, French Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge, Wild Blueberry, Mocha Walnut, Maple Walnut, Honey Coffee and Honey Orange -- none of which have survived.

-- The most popular Ben & Jerry's flavor worldwide is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

-- Texas is the only state in the union that sells Bourbon Pecan Pie.

-- Free Cone Day began in 1979 as a thank-you to the customers who helped Ben & Jerry's survive its first year in operation. It's continued as an annual tradition ever since. The company gives out around 1 free scoops annually on that day.

-- The cow on every package of Ben & Jerry's is named Woody, in honor of artist Woody Jackson who designed her in 1983.

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