You Can Get Your Fruits and Veggies Chopped by Whole Food's Produce Butcher

Whether you're short on time or simply don't like chopping onions, you can skip all the prep work by taking your fruits and veggies to the butcher. The grocery chain Whole Foods has officially introduced its first ever produce butcher at a new location in NYC. In an ever growing desire for convenience, it appears that Whole Food is upping the shopping experience by catering to all their customers' needs - even in the produce section.

Whole Food patrons at the new Bryant Square location can hand select their preferred produce of choice and hand it over to the butcher to let them take all the fuss out of meal prepping.

Whether it's a giant watermelon, a hard-to-peel squash, or that night's dinner, you can let the experts handle it.

Sure, you could do it yourself and take care of all the prep when you get home. Or you could buy the pre-packaged grab-n-go fresh produce that has already been chopped earlier in the day by an employee.

But that would be like picking out pre-wrapped meat and ignoring the best fresh cut the butcher has right before you.

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With the butcher only charging $1 a pound - or per individually priced items - for slicing and dicing anyway you want, the deal doesn't seem all that bad.

While it may seem slightly lavish, for some it's a gift to cut down on all that prep time that goes into a meal. For others whose hands don't work like they used to, it's a blessing.

Say what you want about the new service, but one thing is for certain, we all love convenience. And if this convenient perk catches on, all Whole Foods patrons may one day be able to take all their produce to the butcher.

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