Super Bowl: Watch [yellow tail] Deliver 4,000 Bottles of Wine to Budweiser

Traditionally, the Super Bowl has been beer territory. Times they are a changing and wine is the new game in town when it come to game day eats. One brand throwing their grapes in the game is [yellow tail]. They are officially the first wine brand in nearly 40 years to advertise during the Super Bowl, proving that wine has a place at your Super Bowl party. And so does a kangaroo.

In an effort to get to know their ad spot neighbors, [yellow tail ] sent their best dressed representative to Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis' largest brewing company (and home to Budweiser) to say hi.

(Whitney Curtis/AP Images for [ yellow tail ])

The Yellow Tail Guy didn't come empty handed, though. He showed up with 4,000 bottles of wine, ya know, as a hostess gift.

(Whitney Curtis/AP Images for [ yellow tail ])

The thing is, the people that work at Budweiser aren't exactly thirsty.

Turned away at his first attempt, Yellow Tail Guy and his truckload of wine were persistent, trying several more ways to deliver their gift of wine until finally deciding to take the legendary beer tour with some other Happy Hour loving fans instead.  So, what happens to the wine?

(Whitney Curtis/AP Images for [ yellow tail ])

Yellow Tail Guy is looking for ideas and that includes giving some to you.

Starting now, use the #yellowtailguy to tell him what you think he should do. Submissions are being accepted via Instagram and Twitter over the  next two weeks.

Who knows? Maybe the clydesdale and kangaroo can become friends.

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