26 Surprisingly Tasteful Food Tattoos of 2016 (Get It?)

If there's one thing more universal on this planet than air and water, it's food. Which explains why food tattoos are basically the hot new thing in the tattooing world. Food is one of the most memorable mediums you can consume - can't you just smell those cookies wafting through the front door of Grandma's house as you walk in on Christmas Eve? It takes you back to a certain place and time, and there's no better feeling than that.

So it makes sense, then, to see so many commemorative tattoos that involve food. Without further ado, here are our favorite food tattoos.

1. Tiny ingredients,

Some tiny ingredients for Jordan. #smalltattoos #foodtattoo #recipe

A photo posted by Christopher Noogin (@noogintattoo) on

This adorable and quaint set of ingredients is the perfect fix for no-recipe cooking.

2. PB&J: The taste of eternal youth,

This sweet sandwich-in-the-making is no doubt a throwback to childhood days.

3. Pizza, pizza, pizza,

Tattoo by Amanda. In crust we trust. #inkillusionstattoo #kirklandtattoo #pizzatattoo #foodtattoo #colortattoo

A photo posted by Ink Illusions (@inkillusionstattoo) on

Unsurprisingly, there were an awful lot of pizza tattoos in 2016.

4. The pun we love,

Goin' Ham for @brent383 last night. ♡ #oceaninktattoo #goinham #foodtattoo #iloveham

A photo posted by Sophie Worthington (@sophiebeanstattoo) on

This ham tattoo is almost too much and that's why we love it.

5. We go together like ... pumpkins and carrots,

This sweet animated set of best friends just brings a smile to one's face.

6. Berry cute,

This strawberry tattoo is dainty and incredibly detailed. Peep the white ink along the sides for depth!

7. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica,

The beet is having a moment, y'all.

8. A real forkful,

Friction Food Friday Tattoo done by @otter2111.

A photo posted by Friction Tattoo Supply (@frictiontattoo) on

Could you ask for a more perfect bite?

9. The dancing carrot,

This monochromatic tattoo is an ode to all the oddball carrots growing out there, both below ground and above.

10. The spicy love,

hot love #chilipeppers #heart #hearttattoo #foodtattoo #ttacb #ritualarts #hotlove

A photo posted by Aubin Carlson (@aubincarlson) on

Perfect for the lovers whose fire has never went out!

11. The meta portrait

#catsofinstagram #cat #tattoo #tattoocat #foodtattoo

A photo posted by Deusa Felina (@deusafelinagaby) on

We're guessing this scene happens a lot.

12. The ode to elote,

Few things are as iconic as Nacho Libre and elote.

13. The pit and the seed,

Friction Food Friday Tattoo done by @aceshightattooboynton.

A photo posted by Friction Tattoo Supply (@frictiontattoo) on

Avocados have been bringing people together since ... well, an awful long time.

14. When artichokes wave,

We're all just leaves blowing in the wind.

15. The quantity of donuts is infinite,

Donuts were another popular trend of 2016.

16. When life imitates art,

We need pizza, stat.

17. Parsley, sage, rosemary and ...

There's a thyme and a place for everything, especially herb puns.

18. Everything but the kitchen sink,

Home cooks unite for life!

19. A motto we can get behind,

Not even going to pretend I haven't said this very phrase before.

20. Is that an invitation,


A photo posted by mark (@marknovak5572) on

Can't turn down pie!

21. Turnip for what,

For days when you need motivation.

22. Team Burger King for life,

We know where your true allegiance lies.

23. Food will never let you down,

Donuts will never leave you lonely.

24. When you're tired of saying it,

Hold the mustard, please.

25. An ode to momma's cooking,

Chicken and waffles tatty. #chickenandwafflestattoo #chickenandwaffles #tattoo #neotrad #foodtattoo

A photo posted by @jessbakertattoo on

There's always time for chicken and waffles.

26. For the Frank-anatic,

Is this sponsored by Frank's Red Hot or just pure love?

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