Worst Cooks Anonymous: 21 of Gordon Ramsay’s Truth-Telling Tweets

Chef Gordon Ramsay's Twitter is exploding with pictures of food made by amateur foodies and his come backs have been nothing short of pure Hell's-Kitchen-commentary. Don't tell me you've been too busy making an idiot sandwich to even realize that everyone's favorite king of the kitchen has been dishing out his genius to whomever desires it.

Well, don't fret because we have found the worst of the worst of food on Gordon's Twitter and the best comebacks his brilliant mind has come up with, so far. Here are 21 tweets that are so Gordon I can barely control my laughter.

1. Maggot nuggets will not be on the menu at Burgr.

2. Poor Granddad.

3. Go ahead, play with your food.

4. When Gordon couldn't even rate the food, but the table cloth was pretty cute.

5. Sounds like Gordon has been to some wild parties.

6. When your food is so bad that it becomes one of Gordon's new shows.

7. The only way to make this food better is to just stop making it.

8. Gordon is way classier than you could ever be.

9. Give it to the dog!

10. When Gordon's only suggestion is that you should just move.

11. Might want to check those batteries.

12. Your food is literally poison.

13. Your food is better off on the floor.

14. When your dog's digested food looks like the food you've just cooked.

15. Congratulations! Your cooking is the worst of the worst.

16. Your food looks so bad that Gordon is worried that you've already tried to digest it.

17. Gordon would rather skip a meal than have to pick between these two plates.

18. Someone get Gordon a drink.

19. Gordon's so punny.

20. When your food is so bad, Gordon tells you to get your vison checked.

21. You have disturbed Gordon so much he encourages you to get some help.

So, if you want your daily dose of Gordon clap backs or if you want him to tell you what he really thinks of your food then be sure to check out his Twitter @GordonRamsay and be sure to tag us @WideOpenEats so we can tell you what we think of your food, too.

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