Woman Sues Texas Restaurant for Burns Sustained by Quesos Flameados

According to the filed lawsuit, per KXAN, a woman is suing a Cedar Park restaurant after she was, as she claims, burned when the waitress brought the quesos flameados appetizer to her table for a presentation.

The woman stated that while at Dos Salas Cafe in Cedar Park, she ordered the quesos flameados appetizer. The lawsuit defines the waitress who performed the table-side presentation of the popular dish as "improperly trained." When the waitress brought the queso dish to the table and attempted to light it on fire, instead it ignited directly "into the plaintiff's face, chest, neck, and arms."

Suing for $1 million in damages, the customer stated that her "'horrific burns' were 'life-altering'." Additionally, the lawsuit further continues to highlight the negligence of the restaurant and its management team for failing to properly train staff on how to actually light the queso flameados dish on fire.

Dos Salas Cafe in Cedar Park did not issue a statement to KXAN on the lawsuit.


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