Fitness We Can Get Behind: A Philly 10K in 13 Taco Joints

Finishing a 10K is no easy feat, but one Philadelphia woman may have set a different, and delicious, record, finishing the Philly 10K and stopping at every taco place along the route. Okay, so Anna Orso didn't officially run the Philly 10K, but the writer for Philadelphia online publication Billy Penn did map out the race's route and set off on her own marathon.

In her five-hour marathon, Orso make her way to 13 taco shops and enjoyed 14 tacos--and even snuck in a margarita--and documented her legendary quest.

Waylaid by her lack of official race bib, Orso nevertheless persisted and wrote:

"So I decided, screw that, I'll complete my own Philly 10K and spend my time doing something far better than the perpetually-overrated activity that is running: Eating tacos.

"I mapped out the official course and found a whole bunch of taco joints that were either directly on the route, or just a block or two off of it. Wednesday morning, I put on my stretchiest pants and my loosest tank top and started my own version of the Philly 10K -- one in which I vowed to walk the entire 6.2 miles and stop to eat a taco at every single Mexican spot I came across along the way."

Billy Penn

Orso's journey through South Philadelphia and Center City took her from Mexicana Foto El Trompo Loco, her first location and first hiccup -- a minimum order of three tacos -- through the heartbreaking locked door of South Philly Pizza -- which allegedly offers some of the best tacos in the city -- a disappointing stop at Chipotle and, at last, a triumphant redux of South Philly Pizza.

Orso's mouth-watering marathon -- all 6 miles and 14 tacos of it -- is documented in all its glory here. Anna Orso, you make Texans proud. The next time you're in Austin or the Texas Hill Country, let us know. We have the perfect taco routes for you.

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