Winning Lottery Ticket Sold at Illinois BBQ Joint

Yelp reviews for Nick's Barbecue in Palos Heights, Illinois offer a mixed bag of emotions. Some people think the BBQ is great. "Overall I recommend to everyone who wants good BBQ," one reviewer said. Others, though, do not. "The people are extremely nice, and the sides were really good. Unfortunately, the BBQ was not." The most interesting review, though, is the one that mentions the lottery. "Ordered a lotto ticket from here - didn't win $393 Million." Confused? We don't blame you.

That prize, $393 million, may seem like a lot to you. That's because it is. In fact, it's the largest payout for the Mega Millions drawing in Illinois state history. The winner isn't publicly known at this time, but his or her prize crushes the old record-holder's. A ticket sold in Naperville brought in $265 million back in 2015.

We know that that person didn't actually make $265 million and that this person won't get $128 million more than that, but shoot. That's a lot of scratch.

This unprecedented payout was made possible by what we'd chalk up as pure luck. The winning ticket was the only to match all six numbers. If you want good vibes on your next Mega Millions numbers, either choose 23, 33, 53, 56, 58, and 06 or avoid them like the plague. The choice is yours.

Nick Andricopulos, the Nick of Nick's Barbecue, will also get a reward. For selling the winning ticket at his business, he'll receive a $500,000 bonus. Confused about how a place called Nick's Barbecue even offers lottery tickets? Us too.

Any barbecue place that requires ten napkins a meal is alright in my book! 👍👍

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It turns out that the jackpot bonus isn't the only perk to selling lottery tickets. Retailers receive a five-percent commission on every ticket sold.

Nick made the decision to start selling lottery tickets nearly a decade ago. He owns five barbecue restaurants, and the lottery tickets don't cause him any harm. His Palos Heights location, the same location that just provided the big winning ticket, sold a $10,000 prize winner back in 2011.

We get it now, Nick. If you own a barbecue joint, start selling lotto. As far as this most recent, massive pot goes, the winner is able to do two things. He or she can take annual payments or a payout of $246 million. Decisions, decisions...

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