The Ultimate Wine Pairing Guide for Your Favorite Comfort Foods

No matter the season, many of us find ourselves drifting into sweet dreams of steamy piles of macaroni and cheese and heaping bowls of Texas chili. The inclination to brave the weather outside for date night dwindles, but that doesn't mean that date night at home can't be equally, if not more, fun than heading out to your favorite restaurant with the best house wine, especially with this easy wine pairing guide that takes the guesswork out of everything.

Before wine was sold in boxes (I see you, Franzia) or jugs (looking at you, Carlo Rossi), people took care to pair wine with their meals for a decadent, delicious experience. Sipping the right wine with your home-cooked meal can intensify the flavors you worked so hard in the kitchen to cultivate. I was a non-believer until I paired fresh bruschetta sourdough toast this summer with a light rosé wine and felt every ounce of the basil, olive oil, and garlic hiding in the bursting tomatoes.

The problem with wine, though, is that it's intimidating and often expensive. However, there are loads of inexpensive varieties that are actually delicious, like those found in your local H-E-B or Trader Joe's. The fear factor ends now, as the kind souls over at Fix put together this infographic, showing you how to easily pair your favorite winter carb-loaded foods, with dessert included, too. You don't have to be a world-class sommelier to learn the basics with this wine pairing guide.


Now, how easy does that look?

Next time you're out shopping for ingredients for your favorite comfort foods, just jot down the type of wine that pairs best and prepare yourself for a dinner worthy of royalty. Share with your favorite comfort food enthusiast so you'll always know what bottle to crack with our wine pairing guide.

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