Wine Lipstick Is Every Vino Lover's Newest Obsession

Wine has been used in healing spa treatments for years. A spa in NYC is completely dedicated to wine treatments siting the health benefits of grape-seed Polyphenols and anti-aging Resveratrol found in wine grapes. Now, a Korean-based beauty brand is taking things one step further with a lipstick line made with wine.

The Labiotte Chateau Wine Lipstick Fitting collection features little wine bottle-shaped lipsticks that contains actual wine extract.

The long wearing lipstick actually dyes  lips with a bold yet delicate color that resembles the color of wine. Think Cabernet Red, Malbec Burgundy, Nebbiolo Red and Shiraz Red  - a lighter shade that is closer to rosé.

Each tube contains Sepivinol (wine extracts) in the form of 10ppm of Chateau Labiotte wine extract - considered the 'jewel' of Bordeaux - so they even smell slightly like Happy Hour. The tubes are moisturizing as well and slide on smoothly for a dewy application.

In addition to the Chateau collection, the brand created Wine Lip Tints for gloss lovers and a Wine Melting lipstick that comes in eight shades and is designed to mimic the way red wine stains lips after a long night.

Make every hour happy with these lipsticks, and if you've tried them out, reach out to us and let us know if they really do work!

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