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Your Guests Will Love This $25 Wine Rack (Almost More Than Pinot Noir)


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If you're a wine lover (aren't we all?), you probably use your glassware pretty frequently, and putting them away in a kitchen cabinet can be tedious, plus it poses a risk for damaging the glasses. Take your home bar to the next level with a wine glass rack and free up your cabinet space while also adding a fun piece of home decor to your abode.

Proper stemware storage is key if you have nice glasses or if you use them often. You'll want to hang your glasses upside down to prevent dust collection and to dry them more easily, and these cabinet stemware racks are perfect for doing just that. Plus, they help give you more kitchen storage and offer an easy method for kitchen organization.

DIY Wine Rack Using Simple Tools

If you're not scared of a few tools (and enjoy trips to Home Depot), consider making a wine rack from home. The tutorial is straightforward and doesn't require many tools. You might even have them all at home already!

Wine Fridges

Yep, wine fridges are a thing. Prices vary between about $300 and can even go as high as $2,000. The racks are very convenient, you can arrange by bottle and remove any if needed.

Not only are these great for controlling the temperature of your wine, but they're also great for protecting your wine from UV light. UV light can damage tannins and the flavor of your wine.

These fridges are quiet, making them perfect for the kitchen, wine cellar, pool house, and garage.

Best Wine Glass Racks


Best Under $12

1. RedDreamer 14-Inch Black Wine Glass Rack, Under Cabinet

This wine glass hanger is great for keeping your glasses out of the way but still nearby. It's super easy to assemble and comes with the necessary hardware for quick installation. It fits under most cabinets, too, so you can be flexible with the placement. It's perfect for having company over, this way, people don't have to ask for a glass or search through cabinets, they can just grab their own.

The bestseller is $12.

Best for Farmhouses

2. Del Hutson Designs Rustic Wooden Wall Mounted Handmade Tiered Wine Glass Rack


This wood wine bottle and glass storage shelf makes an attractive addition to any kitchen, dining room, or living room. This rustic wine rack comes in a variety of sizes and wood finishes, so you can customize it to match your minibar. Plus, you can fit other bar-related items on it, like your cocktail kit, copper mugs, and bottle openers.

Best for Easy Installation

3. Hanging Wine Glass Rack Under Cabinet Mount

The matte black finish on this stemware rack means it'll blend in pretty much anywhere you put it, and it's adjustable to fit in a variety of locations. No drilling necessary, just set the screws tightly to fit whatever cabinet you set it under. It'll keep them safely out of the way while also adding accessibility, so they're easy to grab.

Get it for under $21.

Best for Countertops

4. Wine Glass Rack Countertop, Countertop Wine Glass Holder


This freestanding wine glass holder looks great on any countertop. It works as a storage rack and as a drying rack. This tabletop stemware rack will fit anywhere, whether you keep it in your den or your dining room. It's perfect for displaying any crystalware you may have that you're particularly fond of.

Best for Bottles (and Style)

5. DIY Hanging Goblet Rack , Upside Down Wine Glass Holder

Keep your wine bottles accessible and your glassware displayed with this DIY wine bottle holder and stemware rack. It comes in a few sizes and finishes, so you can customize it to meet your needs and match your kitchen, "mancave," or dining area. It also comes in handy if you have a lot of guests over and want them to feel free to help themselves to a glass of wine.

Best for Cabin-Style Homes

6. SODUKU Wall Mounted Wooden Wine Rack 4 Wine Bottles


Set up a little wine station with this wall-mounted wine rack. It comes with cork storage, enough space to keep a few bottles, and adequate stemware storage. The brown wood wine rack is anti-rust and durable. The sturdy structure can prevent wobbling and falling! We all know red wine stains would be awful to clean up.

Set up a little bar cart underneath for an easy DIY minibar area!

Best for Under Cabinet Storage

7. Rev-A-Shelf 3450-11SN 11-Inch Quad 4 Piece Under Cabinet Storage

The Rev-A-Shelf shelving is guaranteed "frustration-free" and is as customizable as you'd like, whether you want enough space for four, eight, or 12 glasses. It's super affordable, too! It's durable, elegant, and also great for cocktail glasses.

The mounting hardware is included, and the lightweight rack weighs less than four pounds. It's a great gift for the wine enthusiast who needs an easy set-up (and extra cabinet or counter space).

This post was originally published on June 22, 2021.

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