Wine Bottle Christmas Trees Are the Best Things Since Roasted Chestnuts

Move aside pines and spruces, there's a new Christmas tree in town and it requires much less maintenance and so much more fun. Wine bottle Christmas trees are the newest craze that can be found all over Instagram.

While the trend gained steam last year, it seems that early celebrators and bed and breakfasts are already getting into the holiday spirit. This homey trend requires some special planning, however. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, though, you can definitely start collecting enough wine bottles for it to matter right now.

So how do people create these beautiful displays? With the help of a base, of course! You can find wine bottle trees all over the internet, including here and here. While these are much tinier that the epic proportions of some trees, they will get the job done in your entryway or foyer just fine.

Some leave the labels off and accent with white lights, while others go for an eclectic look and use a variety. Let's take a peek at some of the trees we've found this year and last year.

#WineBottleChristmasTree Yes, please??????

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The colors of the wine bottles vary, which is highlighted by simple white twinkle lights.

Dream Christmas Tree #winebottlechristmastree #fancy #bahamas #graycliff

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This beauty again uses both red and white wine bottles and it seems that none are the same.

This was found at a winery, go figure.

From afar, the tree looks so spectacular and cheery.

#winebottles #winebottlechristmastree #merrychristmas

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The use of only green-tinted bottles makes the entire tree look like an actual pine. Well, kind of.

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree! #pdx #winebottlechristmastree #cinetopia

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The moral of this story is that, if you can dream it, you can be it. The same goes for Christmas trees, too.

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