Williams-Sonoma is Hiring Seasonal Work from Home Jobs

Many will argue that from January to October, no huge holidays happen. Yeah, there's the Fourth of July. We love that one because we love grilling, beer, and America. After that, though, we get to look forward to Halloween. And after Halloween, all heck breaks lose. No, we don't mean zombies rising from the earth. What we truly mean is the holiday season. As the holiday season approaches, retail gets crazy. In order to keep up with the holiday craze, many companies hire seasonal work. Williams-Sonoma is hiring seasonal work from home jobs this year.

Let's start with the "where" on this one. If you live near Braselton, Georgia; Columbus, Ohio; Salt Lake City, Utah; St. George, Utah; Reno, Nevada; Las Vegas, Nevada; or The Colony, Texas, this may apply to you. If you, in turn, want to apply, you can expect to head to a care center location in one of those cities occasionally.

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The bulk of the work, though, will be done remotely. Working from home is something that we all take for granted. Work in software and get sick? Working from home is probably an option. Want to go on a three-day weekend trip but have to get some files in on Friday? Bring your laptop and work while you're out of office. We live in a great world that way.

Williams-Sonoma is allowing you to do just that for 30 to 50 hours a week. You'll only make $11.00 to $11.50 an hour, but we say go for it. You'll get up to 40 percent off most merchandise, as well as entry into rewards programs.

Expect to help people through the sales process. You will likely check order statuses for them, help with returns, and work on replacing things. Long story short, if you want to get great deals at Williams-Sonoma while helping people out, head to the website to learn more.

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