We Need These Fun Nutella Jars Stateside ASAP

Food lovers appreciate Italy for lots of reasons: Pizza, gelato, pasta, and last but not least, Nutella. We've been indulging in the stuff 24/7 for years and while we take our love of Nutella pretty seriously, the Italians consider it an art form. In Italy, Nutella jars do more than just hold the sweet, chocolaty good stuff. Smaller portions of Nutella are sold in juice-jar style containers.

Once the Nutella is gone, the jars are washed and saved for reuse. Walk into any Italian household and you are likely to be offered a drink out of a Nutella glass, each designed with a cute illustration which helps to encourage them as a keepsake. Nutella has done something similar to their larger portion jars and it's called Nutella Unica.

Advertising company Ogilvy & Mathers behind the design campaign geared toward making everyone's favorite hazelnut spread a bit more personal. They created 7 million jars with different color and shape combinations.

Each jar expressed something as unique as the fans that eat the stuff. The limited-edition jars sold out within a month. (Really, who can't finish 7 million jars of Nutella in a month?!)

"We think Nutella can be as special and expressive as every single one of its customers. With this objective, Nutella Unica was born-- the first limited edition made by seven million different jars: dozens of patterns, thousands of color combinations, one special algorithm," they explain.

U.S. fans are hoping that the success of Nutella Unica in Italia prompts them to try it here in the states. Better start making room in the pantry. While we wait, we can oggle the Ogilvy video here.

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