Wild Blueberry Milk from Maine Will Be on Store Shelves This Spring

Do you remember green ketchup? How about purple ketchup? There are (probably) two schools of thought when it comes to oddly flavored foods. One obvious camp would be the adventurers. Those who are willing to try anything once because, hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. To our knowledge, purple ketchup and orange wine won't kill you. If there are adventurers, however, there must be a camp of the comfortable and sheltered. The people who say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Red ketchup and red wine are fine; let's keep them that way. Well, folks, we have a new one for you. Purple milk is coming to stores, and it's colored by wild blueberries.

Whole milk made with real wild Maine blueberries sounds like the newest flavored milk that would be perfectly with Cheerios. Oakhurst Dairy, based in Portland, Maine, will be producing the wild blueberry milk to appear on grocery store shelves next spring. Their current selection covers basics like chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and coffee milk. All great additions to the Oakhurst Dairy lineup, we think this milk made with fresh blueberries will really be the best yet.

It seems that people are fairly excited for this. Oakhurst's Facebook post promises real Maine blueberries, and no artificial flavoring or high fructose corn syrup. As we mentioned before, it will be just whole milk at first. "How many blueberries do you have to milk to make a half gallon of blueberry milk?" one Facebook commenter asked.

Another proclaimed, "Yeehah! Once you go Wild you never go back!" The excitement is very real in New England, and elsewhere too as dreams of freshly-churned ice cream with cold milk made of blueberries dance in our hands. This would make a delicious milkshake when paired with a classic Blue Bell ice cream flavor, too.

The antioxidant benefits of blueberries make the little gems a super-fruit that the health-conscious among us incorporate into recipes as much as possible, from homemade blueberry syrup to blueberry juice. Now can you just naturally-flavored cow's milk that tastes just like blueberries? The dream will be real soon enough.

According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, wild blueberry growers in Maine are producing plenty of product. There are 44,000 acres of blueberry fields in Maine and, in August, the Department of Agriculture bought $10 million worth of the crop. Hopefully wild blueberry milk is nothing like the purple ketchup of of days past and increases profits for our friendly friends, Maine blueberry farmers.

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