6 Wok Recipes That Prove Just Why You Need One

There may be no more versatile tool in the cook's arsenal than the wok. It's a real ... wok-star (sorry). Originating from China, the large, slope-sided, round-bottomed wok can be used for so much more than stir fry. Traditional wok recipes include steaming, deep frying, pan frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, and smoking. Even making soup is made ever-so-much easier with the power of the wok.

If you're not convinced, this list of wok-worthy recipes should do the trick.

1. Pork Stir Fry

Serious Eats

Let's start with the basics. Since when most people think 'wok,' they think 'stir-fry,' break in your wok with this great stir-fried sweet-and-sour pork recipe.

2. Fajitas

Food Network

The Mexican disco, or 'disc,' is the Latin American equal of the wok.

Head south of the border with this recipe for sizzling home-cooked fajitas - and fresh tortillas to go with them.

3. Steamed Vegetables

Simple Bites

Ready for perfectly steamed veggies, every time? That's right.

Break out the wok and learn how to steam just about anything here.

4. Steak, Eggs and Hash Browns

For the true breakfast of champions, skip the skillet and break out the wok.

5. Pho

Viet World Kitchen

Your wok is also indispensable in whipping up a batch of everyone's favorite warm, filling Vietnamese pho.

This recipe for beef pho noodle soup will give your wok the workout it deserves.

6. Popcorn

All Recipes

You'll never make popcorn the old way again once you've had it popped in a wok. Find out how here.

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