Why Should You Cold Brew Coffee?

It's the craze taking over the nation; it's the shot heard around the world. Cold brew isn't just a bleak cup of black coffee with ice cubes tossed in, not anymore. It's a way of life, one that's been adapted and transformed for the likes of, well, anyone. There's no doubt that you've pulled up to your local coffee shop and have witnessed a group of three or more prancing out the door with a cold cup of cold brew in one hand, a phone in the other, and smiles plastered across their face.

For many, hot coffee is staple to their morning routine that aids in getting their blood pumping and turns their brain on. For others, it's a little too hot to have every single morning, especially in the blaze that is summertime. The existence of cold brew isn't a hard concept to understand during these trying times.

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However, it's been around for a minute, and no one's questioning its resurgence. The thing is, there are multiple questions looming overhead when it comes to this cold brew stuff.

For starters, why do people cold brew their coffee in the first place? Besides temperature, which if you ask us carries a pretty hefty weight behind the reasoning of drinking this cold twist on a classic. But besides the temperature, there are countless other reasons to indulge in cold brew.

1. Brew While You Sleep

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This may sound bizarre at first glance, but hear us out. To make cold brew coffee, you don't need a hot burner or a water heating device to set the moves into play. All you need is coffee, a filter of some sort, and water.

They actually have started to sell cold brew coffee makers, which look just like water pitchers with a giant filter for the grounds in the center of it. You simply fill the filter with coffee, load the pitcher up with water, and place it in the fridge.

After your beauty rest concludes, you can take the pitcher straight from the fridge and pour yourself a cup. This allows you to not only wake up faster, but also gives you those much needed extra morning minutes that you so desperately long for (you're welcome).

2. Bye Bye Acidity

If you can ever remember a time where you were mesmerized by the smell of this caffeinated wonderment, yet met by a disagreeing taste, cold brew can take the pain away.

When you brew coffee grounds at a lower temperature, some of the oils and acids once allowed to be released by boiling water become insoluble, leaving for a less acidic coffee with a taste that better matches its aroma.

3. Stay Cool

All things cold are welcome forever, whether or not it's summer or winter. If you've tried to enjoy a hot cup (or three) of coffee straight out of the shower in the morning, you've probably been met with a sweaty temple and greased up palms as a result. You don't want to hop in the shower only to feel like you need another moments later due to coffee.

Sure, you could give up the stuff, but that makes work a whole lot harder and the days last a whole lot longer; neither are preferred. Making cold brew will give you your caffeine fix and cool you off at the same time. If that's not the living meaning of two birds with one stone, we don't know what is.

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