6 Recipes Made So Much More Delicious by Adding Mustard

When you hear mustard the first thing you think of is the condiment that goes on your hot dog at the ballpark. Dig a little deeper and you will see that powdered mustard is a great extension of your spice rack. Regular mustard powder does not have any taste, but once it is mixed with water, the flavors all come out.

In addition to flavor, mustard powder is also quite the phytonutrient. it possesses qualities that fight against certain types of cancer and is also packed with healthy minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

Here are a few ways to use mustard powder to its full advantage.

1. DIY Mustard


You can make your own flavorful mustard blends using mustard powder - think about adding honey for a sweet take, chili powder for a spicy boost, or pairing it with something earthy and tangy already, like barbecue sauce.

Get one recipe for yellow mustard here.

2. Spice Rubs

Mustard.  Mustard seeds, mustard powder, mustard oil in glassware and mustard in a white  cup on a wooden board

Mustard powder works great in spice rubs. You can combine it with other seasonings that help bring out its natural flavor and apply them to your favorite meat and seafood.

While it works well with just about any meat, just be sure to compliment it accordingly.

Get the recipe here.

3. Peach Mustard Pork Chops

Food Network
Food Network

Mustard powder goes great with sweet flavor profiles, so try these pork chops on for size.

Get the recipe here.

4. Cheddar Cheese Fondue

cheese fondue
cheese fondue

This fondue is delicious and can be used on fruit, bread, or with any meat. I fell in love with this at The Melting Pot, but this recipe will show you how to do it at home.

Don't forget the mustard powder, the tang it adds to the cheese brings out the more mellow flavors of the cheddar.

5. Creamy Potato Soup

Baked Potato Soup

I'm sure you have had potato soup multiple times before but add a little dry mustard and the results will make room for a new addition in the seasonings department.

Get the recipe here.

6. Macaroni and Cheese

Homemade Mac and cheese, selective focus

Adding mustard powder, or mustard itself, to macaroni and cheese helps cut through the rich flavor, much like lemon juice does. If you're not totally sold on the idea, try adding a bit to your personal helping of macaroni the next time it's on the table - if you like it, just imagine how it tastes fully incorporated into the sauce!

Get the recipe here.

Do you have any recipe in particular that's enhanced by mustard?

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