Who's Excited About Hot Cocoa-Flavored Cocoa Puffs?

The ultimate chocolatey experience just got a whole lot better. General Mills is releasing the ultimate seasonal cereal, Hot Cocoa Flavored Cocoa Puffs. Move over Lucky Charms, because another breakfast cereal just got a burst of marshmallows!

As a former picky eater, I know all about cereal. My mother's motto was "if you don't like dinner, make it yourself." So, I became pretty well versed at preparing my own dinner - aka, pouring cereal into a bowl and topping it with milk. Of course, the best part of cocoa puffs is at the end - drinking that deliciously rich chocolate milk after the last spoonful goes down.

Part of a complete breakfast? Would you try these new #hotcocoa #cocoapuffs?

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Imagine my delight that my favorite seasonal indulgence (a warm cup of hot cocoa) has merged with my favorite cereal. Hot Cocoa Flavored Cocoa Puffs (totally complete with their mini marshmallows) is the newest in the General Mill's seasonal line of cereals, and people are going coo-coo for them! Drinking the milk from this cereal is just like drinking a warm mug of hot cocoa (well, except for the hot part).

If Lucky Charms taught us anything, it's that marshmallows in cereal are a winning combination. I'm sure I'm not the only one that ate all those homely tasting whole grain nuggets first so I could relish in a mouthful of marshmallows-only. I'll be doing that with this cocoa puffs cereal too, thank you very much!

Pick Up a Box Before They Run Out

Still think it's a little early for Winter cereals, but I'm not complaining! #luckycharms #cocoapuffs

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There's no word on how long this limited-edition cereal will be around, but we've heard that it sold out before it was even spotted in stores! Find this (along with the seasonal Cinnamon Vanilla Lucky Charms, with marshmallows shaped like snowflakes) at select Target stores for $3.

So what do you think, would you try this extra-chocolatey, marshmallowy winter cereal? Is it too over the top to consider? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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