White Cheddar Chocolate Dip Is Our Irresistible, Make-Ahead Party Pleaser

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Sometimes you don't feel like cooking dinner, right? If you can get away with serving a rich and decadent dip for dinner on Friday night when you're just plum exhausted from the week, this White Cheddar Chocolate Dip is just what you need.

All you have to do is combine the cheeses and red wine, and bake for 25 minutes, the perfect amount of time to wash up some strawberries and chop up some chocolate truffles to top it all with. Serve with those strawberries and pretzel chips for a relaxing, cozy dinner perfect for two.

Additionally, this should be on your rotation of holiday party menus - to make ahead, just combine all ingredients as normal and bring the chocolate truffles in a small container. When you arrive at your soiree, pop the dip in the oven, pile on the truffles, and serve. You'll have a crowd around you, that's for sure.

Recipe: White Cheddar Chocolate Dip