Where Can You Dine Gluten-Free in Austin? Here Are 13 Gems

Austin has an exceptional dining scene. I say that as someone who is a dedicated taste tester of the city's fine food offerings. Fortunately, I also don't have any dietary restrictions, except for a strong dislike of pork products, and yes, that includes bacon.

Putting my personal preferences aside, I also know that there are many diners who are actually restricted in what they can enjoy by no choice of their own. In particular, it can be very difficult for those who are unable or unwilling to consume gluten. Thankfully, Austin is a gluten-free friendly town.

Many kitchens throughout the city mark their menus carefully and there are even some who cook their gluten-free options completely separately from their regular preparation space.

So, in hopes of helping those who are restricted by the perpetual existence of gluten on dining menus, here is a list of restaurants (all of which I have tried) that have wonderful gluten-free options that will leave you satisfied and worry-free.

1. Via 313

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Via 313 has awesome pizza. Seriously, it's Detroit-style crust is to die for. But for those who are unable to indulge in the gluten-y goodness, they also make an incredible gluten-free version.

It even tricked me. It looks exactly the same as the regular and it doesn't even have the cardboard-y texture to give away its gluten-free status.

2. Thai Fresh

Rainy day lunch at @thaifresh ?☔️ Tom Kha with mushrooms & tofu, congee & papaya salad

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Everything is clearly labeled at Thai Fresh so you know exactly what is going into your meal. Plus, right next door is a cafe with the largest selection of gluten-free baked goods in the entire city.

3. Wild Wood Bakehouse

Literally everything here is gluten-free. And good. I know because I went through a gluten-free phase in college and this place was a lifesaver. Especially when I found out that they had gluten-free pastas and breads that weren't awful.

4. Hut's Hamburgers

Hut's is a legend in Austin, so you can't come here without visiting this establishment.

Unfortunately, the onion rings aren't gluten-free. But they have buns that are, and that makes the trip worth your while.

 5. East Side King

This place is so good. Whether or not you eat gluten, you should try this place immediately. Everything without the offending gluten is clearly labeled and they make it so easy to enjoy a host of fried yummies.

6. Komé

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Sushi is often a friendly food for those who are gluten intolerant. Except for the soy sauce. It gets you every time.

Kome though offers gluten-free soy sauce to dip your shashimi in.

7. Sweet Ritual

Dark Matter is back! ? activated charcoal and cocoa sorbet. Open til 10pm!

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This specialty ice cream shop is known for its vegan ice cream. Therefore it shouldn't be any surprise to find out that they also offer gluten-free cones. What is surprising is how good it is.

8. Blackbird Bakery

Even as a gluten lover, I love Blackbird Bakery. Completely gluten-free, the pastries, cakes, and pop tarts that you can find here are nothing short of delicious.

9. Frank Hot Dog

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Frank Hot Dogs caters to everyone. Vegetarian, vegan, or gluten intolerant, there is a place for you at this late-night house of hot dogs.

10. Casa de Luz

A personal favorite of mine, this macrobiotic restaurant is nestled in a calming alcove in south Austin where everything they serve is vegan, organic, gluten-free, and non-processed. Truly, this hidden gem deserves a lot of love.

11. Max's Wine Dive Austin

With an extensive gluten-free menu, the show stopper at this restaurant is the gluten-free fried chicken. Get yourself some.

Get yourself some.

12. Tacodeli

Tacodeli is so good in so many ways. Among the reasons is that they even have a special area for warming tortillas away from any gluten.

Besides, everyone knows that real breakfast tacos should be on corn tortillas anyways.

13. Odd Duck

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The Odd Duck is definitely odd in that it caters to all those who love to eat out. Its small portions are customizable for a variety of dietary restrictions. They even have a separate "celiac" menu for the very sensitive.

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