When Live Food Tasting on Air Goes Horribly Wrong + 4 Artichoke Dip Recipes

We all love to share our favorite homemade recipes with our coworkers at the annual office potluck. But we also know that those recipes better be good because sometimes your colleagues can be brutally honest about your kitchen skills.

This week, a group of news anchors from Global News Calgary anchors found themselves in just that position, but on live television. When traffic reporter Leslie Horton subjected them to her #cookingfail of a homemade artichoke dip, her fellow news anchors just couldn't hide their opinions.

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel was the first brave soul to try the dip after Horton warned him that, "This did not work out. I'm telling you right now that this did not work out." Despite the warning, Wtizel bravely bit in.

After valiantly trying to compose his face, he gagged on live television causing his colleagues to stifle their laughter. 

Trying to recover, Witzel insists, "It's not that bad. It's -- the vinegar."

Leslie Horton immediately denied that she had used vinegar leaving the cast to wonder what in the world could have contributed to the pickled taste of the artichoke dip. Horton promised that, "It's artichoke dip, but something went terribly wrong.'' 

To try and show support for her home cooking, Amber Schinkel politely tried the dip but couldn't hide the truth. 

"It burns," she admitted as everyone burst into fits of laughter. 

Horton then wondered aloud if maybe "something is off" while she began to list the hodgepodge of ingredients that she added to the dip. Witzel responds to her creative concoction reminding her that food really is science.

"See this is where the little bits of chemistry play in, Leslie," he says.

Later on Twitter, Horton realized what actually did go wrong with her recipe (aside from her unique ingredient substitutions).

Make Your Own Artichoke Dip

To help you avoid an artichoke atrocity this holiday, here are four delicious artichoke dip recipes that will have your coworkers jostling one another for first dibs on seconds rather than the first free bathroom stall.

1. Creamy Cheesy Artichoke Asparagus Kale Dip

spinach kale artichoke dip
For the Love of Lasagna

Have leftover kale from this week's salads and smoothies? Turn it into a comforting and delicious appetizer for the holiday weekend. After all, the weekends were meant for a little bit of indulgence.

Get the recipe here.

2. Rosemary White Bean Artichoke Spinach Dip

Good Life Eats.

A quick-to-put-together twist on a classic, this dip is sure to cause lips to smack in delight. Creamy and herby with all the Italian flavors you love, you won't be the only one enjoying it. This dip will knock your guests' socks off.

Get the recipe here.

3. Hot Cheesy Crab Artichoke Dip

The Comfort of Cooking.

Slightly tangy and perfectly creamy, this dip is the best of both worlds. With both crab and artichokes involved, this easy appetizer will please almost everyone (including you) with its elegant simplicity.

Get the recipe here.

4. Spinach Artichoke Whipped Feta

Sweet Peas and Saffron.

It's not hummus and it's not an overly creamy spinach-artichoke dip. It is instead a whipped feta dip! Tangy with a hint of lemon zest and creamy without being heavy this dip can be eaten on chips, sandwiches, or just on a spoon.

Get the recipe here.

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