What’s Your Most Expensive Vice?

Coffee. Alcohol. Fast Food. Smoking. None of these classic vices are good for you, but what do they cost you in dollars and cents? New Zealand's Stuff.co recently took a look at the financial cost of each of these four vices, spurred on by the skyrocketing cost of cigarettes on the island nation, where a pack of smokes recently hit about $25 -- about $17.50 U.S. -- and will climb to $30 ($21 U.S) by 2020.

For a pack-a-day smoker, the annual bill for their habit runs about $9,125 -- almost $6,500 in the States. How do the other vices stack up? First up, the drinkers.

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In New Zealand, a drink will run you between $6 and $10, depending on where you imbibe, or about $4.25 to $7 in the U.S., though those are low-end estimates for anyplace other than your neighborhood pub.

If you venture out once or twice a week -- or one big blowout -- you could be buying 10 to 15 beverages, costing about $135 a week or $7,000 a year ($95 a week, $4,905 here).

Looking at coffee, Stuff placed the price of a cup of coffee at $5 for a flat white, latte or cappuccino, though it's possible to get your fix much cheaper with instant coffee or regular ground.

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Folks who drink a flat white per day spend about $35 per week or $1,825 a year -- $25 a week or just under $1,280 a year.

And then comes fast food.

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Fast food obsessives who order, say, an $11 ($7.75 U.S.) Big Mac combo every day -- though that seems excessive -- spend about $1,700 ($1,190 U.S.) annually... not to mention the almost guaranteed medical bills that come with eating a Big Mac a day for a year. Just ask Morgan Spurlock.

So how do those hard-drinking, coffee-guzzling, fast-food-eating folks stack up against smokers?

Well, to burn through a smoker's annual vice budget of $9,000 NZ ($6,500 US), you'd have to drink five flat whites a day (that's 1,825 cups of coffee - enjoy the jitters), eat two Big Mac meals a day (barf), or consume 1,000 alcoholic drinks (20 per week).

Are you rethinking your yearly budget?

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