What's the Real Difference Between White and Brown Eggs?

Have you ever made an omelet only to wonder what the real difference was between the white and brown eggs? Well, surprisingly, it's shockingly simple. No, the white eggs were not bleached to be that color. It's actually a natural variation that makes them so clean and pristine. The chicken eggs correlate to the chickens themselves, and there is little different. So what's the real difference between white and brown eggs?

Brown eggs are laid by brown chickens and white eggs are laid by white chickens. As you can see, there's little difference between them scientifically. Of course, there is the occasional green/blue egg in the mix that come from the Ameraucana breed, also known as the Easter egg chicken. Other than color, however, there is little or no difference in taste between the various colors of eggs. 

The Price Point of Eggs

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Although the egg color may not affect the taste, there is certainly a difference in their cost. Generally, brown eggs are pricier than white eggs; blue eggs even more so. Barring differences between environments that include free-range, organic, grain-fed, the difference in price comes down to size.

Brown egg-laying chickens are simply bigger than the white-feathered chickens, so it takes more feed to keep them happy and healthy. This extra cost is then transferred to the consumer, which is the real difference between white and brown eggs. It has nothing to do with the particular egg shell color.

So there you go, the economics of eggs comes down to the breed of the chickens who laid them, be it home-raised chickens, younger chickens, or older chickens. Who would have thought? Now that you know all this fun information, what are you going to do with your eggs?

1. Scotch Eggs

The Domestic Man

Roll your eggs up tight in some spiced sausage, and deep fry them until crispy on the outside, and warm and eggy on the inside.

Just look at that beautiful golden egg yolk. Get the recipe here.

2. Baked Eggs with Mushroom and Parmesan

Kalyn's Kitchen

Get your omega-3 fatty acids, and enhance this natural pocket of protein by adding mushrooms, herbs, and parmesan.

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3. Eggs in Hashbrown Nests

The Pioneer Woman

Make your eggs portable by crafting them little hashbrown baskets and baking them to crispy perfection for a breakfast full of nutritional value.

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