The Map of the Most Popular Halloween Candy in Your State

I have fond memories of trick-or-treating as a kid, but that was never my favorite part. I mean, yes: I loved dressing up and braving the cold to fill my pillowcase full of tasty treats. I got into being spooked by people's elaborate porch displays (and the mannequin that was really your friend's dad, just waiting until you reached for a candy so he could shout "BOO"). It was fun to stay out later than my normal bedtime to go house-to-house. But none of those things was the best part - that was reserved for sitting on the kitchen floor and bartering with my siblings for our favorite Halloween candy.

Some years we all had the same favorite, but other years each of us had a different idea of which candies were the best. If only our neighbors could predict the most popular Halloween candy so they could load up on it. Well, now you can! ships tons of bulk candy around the country, and they've analyzed the top sellers in each state. The country will spend $2.7 billion (yes, billion!) on Halloween candy this year, so you may as well buy the right ones.

The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Each State



Alabama's number one candy changed since last year. The previous winner (Hershey's Mini Bars) was ousted by just under 1,000 pounds, making Candy Corn the number one selling candy at 55k pounds. That's a lot of candy! Hershey's maintained the second place spot, with Tootsie Pops coming in a distant third.


The state of Alaska ordered the second least amount of candy in the U.S., but boy do they like their Twix! Shortly behind (by only 100 pounds) is Blow Pops, followed by Kit Kats.


Arizona is the third highest purchaser of candy in the country. How much do they like Snickers (the number one most selling candy)? They bought 9 million Snickers bars or over 900k pounds! That's enough candy to fill the Grand Canyon. Coming in second is Hershey Kisses, and third is Hot Tamales.


Some states are into chocolate, but for Arkansas, it's all about the Jolly Ranchers. If you want to please your neighbors and their kids, pick up a few packs of these sweet candies! Second place went to Butterfingers, followed by Hot Tamales.


California, the number 2 purchaser of candy overall, is really into their M&Ms. By a significant margin - Salt Water Taffy came in second trailing by over 200k pounds. Third place went to Skittles.

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Some say that Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country, so it's not surprising that they are the third lowest buyers of candy in the country. They do like their Milky Ways, though, followed very closely by second place Twix and Hershey Kisses in third.


Apparently, Connecticut likes newspapers better than candy - they buy the least amount of candy of any state, but they have over 144 newspapers (that's one newspaper for every 25k people!). When they do buy candy, they're into Almond Joy, followed closely by Milky Way and M&Ms.


Delaware is all about the Life Savers. For the last two years in a row, this sweet candy was the number one selling candy in the small state. Next up came Skittles and Candy Corn.


It's no surprise that Skittles was the number one most selling candy in Florida. Every time I go there, they have a rain shower, and we all know that rain showers are followed by tasting the rainbow! They also like their Snickers, in second place, and Reese's Cups in third.


If you like to fish, you may have spent some time in Georgia. So have the candy makers! The number one most selling candy here is Swedish Fish, followed by Hershey Kisses and Jolly Ranchers.

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It's a tropical paradise, so why not taste the rainbow? You got that right, the Hawaiian people love Skittles the best. After that, they go for Hershey Kisses and Milky Way.


Corn and potatoes are kings in Idaho, so it's not surprising that the sweet version of corn reigns supreme. Candy Corn is the overwhelming first choice in Idaho. Starburst and Reese's Cups follow in second and third place.


There are big changes in Illinois this year, as all three top candies are different from last year! Coming in at number one is Sour Patch Kids, followed closely by Kit Kat. Reese's Cups pull up the rear in third place.


Is it cold in Indiana in October? Because Hot Tamales are the overwhelming favorite candy in the state during Halloween. Next up is Starburst in second place, and Snickers in third.


Reese's Cups recently announced their creepy Reese's bats this year. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but Reese's Cups are the favorite in Iowa, and this is the location where Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off of a bat. Creepy! After Reese's, Iowans are pretty stoked on M&Ms and Butterfinger.

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"There's no place like home," Dorothy said, right before she chowed down on some Reese's Cups. These peanut-butter filled chocolates are the candy of choice for Halloween. Next up comes M&Ms, with Dubble Bubble Gum rounding the bases at third most purchased.


For two years in a row, Kentucky has purchased Tootsie Pops as their number one most popular candy. It must be all about the chocolate in the south, because after these yummy lollipops came 3 Musketeers and Reese's Cups.


Pucker up and get ready to suck some lemons. The good folks of Louisiana purchased over 100k pounds of Lemonheads, making this sour treat their number one most popular candy. After that, they're pretty into Reese's Cups and Jolly Ranchers.


These North-Easterners are really into their sour candy, too! Sour Patch Kids eeked out M&Ms for the most popular candy purchased, followed by Starburst.


Maybe it's the naval shipyard, but the good folks of Maryland must love gazing up at the sky. And eating Milky Way candies as well! After the starry candy bar came Reese's Cups, followed by Blow Pops.


Sour Patch Kids have been creeping their way up in popularity across the country, and Massachusetts is one of those states. Butterfingers dropped to the number two spot by less than 2k pounds of candy. Salt Water Taffy takes a distant third, but it's still very popular in the state.


After their love for automobiles and college football, Michigan loves candy corn. It's the most popular candy by a longshot! They are also pretty into Skittles and Starburst, which means any kind of chocolatey treats less popular here.


Although they still buy almost 200k pounds of Skittles, the rainbow candy came in second place this year. What ousted it? Tootsie pops, by only 1k pounds difference. In third place, you'll find a lot of love for Almond Joy.


Mississippi not only has a lot of letters in their name, but they also have a love for chocolate. The top three go to 3 Musketeers, followed by Snickers and Butterfinger. Nothing but chocolate love for this Southern state.


If you'll be in Missouri for Halloween, make sure to stock up on Milky Way bars. They have a serious love for these chocolate treats! After that, Dubble Bubble Gum and Butterfingers are second and third most popular.

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This beautiful hunting state is pretty serious about their chewing gum. They bought almost 25k pounds of Dubble Bubble Gum for Halloween last year! Second and third had pretty close competition, with M&Ms beating out Twix by only 890 pounds.


For the second year in a row, Sour Patch Kids reign supreme as the number one most popular Halloween candy in the state. After that, the Salt Water Taffy trails, followed by chocolatey M&Ms.


Would you put money down on which candy was most popular in this gambling state? It was Hershey Kisses at an impressive 322k pounds! Trailing far behind (by almost 120k pounds) was Candy Corn, and Skittles came in a distant third.

New Hampshire

This small state bought a surprising amount of Snickers - almost 64k pounds. They almost bought as much of their second most popular candy, Starburst, and rounded in the third with Salt Water Taffy.

New Jersey

The Garden State does not eat garden vegetables for Halloween (for which, every child is ecstatic!). They do love the rainbow, with Skittles coming in first followed closely by chocolatey lollipops Tootsie Pops. For their third choice, they'll take a handful of M&Ms.

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New Mexico

The Southwest may have a sweet tooth, but it's not necessarily for candy. They love their Candy Corn down in New Mexico, purchasing almost 84k pounds of the candy treat. Next up came the Milky Way, followed by Jolly Ranchers coming in at third.

New York

They must love to pucker up in the big city, because they bought Sour Patch Kids for Halloween in amounts over 200k pounds! After that, Candy Corn came in at 100k pounds, followed by a distant third of Reese's Cups.

North Carolina

Babe Ruth might have hit is first home run in North Carolina, but his namesake candy didn't even make the list! They're more into M&Ms and Reese's Cups, and in third place they'll take Candy Corn.

North Dakota

It's cold and snowy in North Dakota, so it's no wonder that Hot Tamales made the top of their Halloween Candy list! No chocolate in the top three here, as the second place went to Jolly Ranchers and the third to Candy Corn.


Ohio is all about Blow Pops - purchasing over 150k pounds of them just for Halloween! The previous number one bestseller, M&Ms, has found its place in second, followed by Starburst.

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The most popular Halloween candy in Oklahoma fall in two categories - chocolate and chewing gum. Snickers came in as the most popular, followed by Dubble Bubble Gum and Butterfingers.


Celebrate the Pacific Northwest and its ghost towns on Halloween with a Reese's Cup, the most popular candy in the state. In a distant second place came M&Ms, followed in a distant third by Tootsie Pops.


Pennsylvania is famous for their Hershey's chocolate, so it's not surprising that M&Ms dethroned Skittles as the most popular Halloween candy. Coming in third is the state's own Hershey's Mini Bars.

Rhode Island

They may be a tiny state, but they purchase more Halloween candy than states five times their size! In Rhode Island, the Candy Corn is the most popular amongst candy buyers. After that, M&Ms and Twix competed for second and third place.

South Carolina

Candy corn is a clear winner in South Carolina, with purchases in excess of 114k pounds for Halloween. After that, they'll taste the rainbow with Skittles and keep warm with Hot Tamales.

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South Dakota

For the second year in a row, South Dakota chooses Starburst, but not by much. Jolly Ranchers trails by only 1800 pounds of candy. Candy Corn is their third choice, but a distant third compared to the other two sweet treats.


The home of Jack Daniels and Tennessee whiskey consumes almost 60k pounds of Tootsie Pops each Halloween, looking for the chocolate treat in the center of this delicious lollypop. After that, they'll take their fair share of Salt Water Taffy and Skittles.


The Lone Star State is the number one purchaser of Halloween candy in the nation! They bu almost 2 million pounds of Starburst to celebrate Halloween, and although it's in second place they buy almost an equal amount of Reese's Cups! In third at 837k pounds is Almond Joy.


The state of Utah is so beautiful, it's no wonder their residents are so Jolly. For Halloween, they celebrate with 475k pounds of Jolly Ranchers. After the sweet candies, they'll take some Reese's Cups or Tootsie Pops.


You might think that their favorite Halloween candy involves maple syrup or cheese, but I guess they're taking a break from the normal favorites for the day. The number one most selling candy is Milky Way, followed closely by M&Ms and trailing with Skittles.


Virginia is the birthplace of the nation and the first place in the U.S. to grow peanuts, so it's not surprising that they purchased more Snickers than any other Halloween candy. The previous winner, Hot Tamales, comes in second, with Candy Corn bringing up the rear.


Grab your Starbucks drink and some Tootsie Pops, the number one most popular candy for Haloween. The previous year's winner (Salt Water Taffy) is still on the board in second place. In third, we see Hershey Kisses.

Washington DC

It might not be an official state, but people still trick-or-treat there. The nation's capital buys a lot of M&Ms, Tootsie Pops, and Blow Pops for Halloween.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, they buy almost twice as many Blow Pops as the second most popular candy, Hershey's Mini Bars. I guess people are into the lollipops! In third place comes Milky Ways.


Cheese curds are not the most popular Halloween candy (although I wish they would be!). The most popular candy is Starburst, but only by 800 pounds. Coming in second place is Butterfinger, followed by Jolly Ranchers.


Big skies and Yellowstone, Wyoming celebrates that type of beauty by purchasing Reese's Cups for Halloween. After that, you'll find a lot of Salt Water Taffy and Skittles.

What candy do people in your area enjoy? What are some of the neighborhood favorites you see year after year, and what's new this year that you didn't expect?

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