Texas Couple Seeks Help from Whataburger Customers After Losing Ring

Whataburger is a community outpost for most Texans. Whether you're like this sweet man who celebrates every birthday with a Whataburger breakfast, or this pregnant mom who craved it so bad, Whataburger threw her a surprise baby shower, there's no denying that the orange and white Texas chain has become a community staple across the Lone Star State. That's why one couple is reaching out to all Whataburger-goers in the Webster area.

As Clarissa Guzman told KTRK, she realized that she lost her engagement ring at the Webster Whataburger on Nasa Road One and Highway 3. She believes she lost in the parking lot after she stopped for breakfast on Tuesday, November 21.

As she told KTRK, she was scared to tell her fiance, Sal, about the missing ring. Sal told the news station he was in disbelief. Clarissa continued,

"I just freaked out and broke down. When I got to my job that's when I noticed it was not on me... I'm just very heartbroken about this and all I want is my ring back."

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While it might be a long shot, we have seen odder things happen, like this man finding his long-lost wedding ring growing on a garden vegetable.

And after all, it is the holiday season. You never know what miraculous things can happen. We hope the couple finds the prized engagement ring soon, and if you have any information, please reach out to the local Webster Whataburger at (281) 338-1576 or contact KTRK.

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