Whataburger Surprised This Expectant Mom in Tennessee with the Sweetest Treat

Pregnancy changes many things about a woman's body. From morning sickness to the first few kicks, the whole process is a phenomena that can be trying to say the least. There are strange pregnancy food cravings, but some foods our pregnant friends crave just make sense. A pregnant woman recently had a hankering for something that we think anyone could get behind. Expecting fathers grab a pen and pencil: Whataburger drove a pregnant mom over four hours for a treat.

Hailey Daughtery was seven months pregnant. We're not doctors, but that's pretty darn close to the nine-month mark. That said, the finish line was in sight for her. Unfortunately, Daugherty lives in Tennessee. We only say "unfortunately" there because Tennessee happens to be one of the states that doesn't have a single Whataburger location.

According to Whataburger themselves, Daugherty reached out on social media. She provided them with a manifesto, of sorts.

"Look, here is the thing," Daugherty wrote. "I am almost seven months pregnant. I live in Tennessee, and y'all's food is the only thing I've been craving for the past six months. So I have thought of several solutions."

  • Build a Whataburger in Nashville before September.
  • Send the food by mail, plane, or bus.
  • Send a bus ticket to travel to the closest location in Birmingham, Ala.

Her solutions included building a location in Nashville. What Tennessean wouldn't want that? She was also open to the idea of them shipping some food to her or giving her a ticket to get to the closest location. That location, believe it or not, is in Birmingham, Alabama.


Representatives from Whataburger read her demands, if you can call them that, and responded. They sent an SUV to pick Daugherty and some of her friends up in Nashville.

Then the real fun began, as they drove them about four hours away for what can only be called a Whataburger baby shower. The whole case just goes to show that, sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

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