whataburger christmas sweater

Get Festive With Whataburger's New Limited-Edition Christmas Sweater


You know a burger chain is good when people are willing to wear their merchandise. Also, you know it's really good when people are willing to wear their merch to Christmas dinner! Whataburger just released its 2020 Christmas sweater, and we need it now. (Along with a number one with mustard and a Dr Pepper.)

Whataburger's new Christmas sweater is exactly what you need to win the holiday party sweater contest. You can find the holiday sweater at Whataburger's online store for only $42.

Christmas Sweater 2020

Here in Texas, Whataburger is the first place you think of when someone mentions a burger. Texans typically don't eat other fast-food burgers as nearly as often as Whataburger. We truly take pride in Whataburger, and well, we might brag to others too much that it's tastier than In-N-Out.


As someone who ranks Whataburger as one of the best fast-food restaurants in Texas, I can see myself sporting this festive Christmas sweater this holiday season. Ditch your thrift store ugly Christmas sweater and upgrade your winter wardrobe with the Whataburger Christmas sweater.

It comes in adult sizes small through extra-large. While you're picking out a size, be sure to check out the rest of the Whatastore. Whataburger even has matching socks to go with the trending sweater.

This Christmas season is going to be a bit different due to the coronavirus pandemic, so you might not be participating in an ugly sweater contest. However, don't let COVID-19 take your Christmas spirit away! Wear the holiday sweater in the drive-thru next time you pick up burgers and Dr Pepper shakes for the family.

Be sure to check out Amazon's inventory for more Whataburger goods. You'll wish Santa Claus was putting these gifts under the Christmas tree.

Whataburger Gifts

1. Whataburger YETI


The custom Whataburger YETI looks exactly like the restaurant's cups!

2. Mens Adjustable Whataburger-Logo-Baseball Cap Stylish Hiking Hat

Mask your messy hair day with a 'Whata' hat.

3. Whataburger Flying 'W' Argyle Socks

I need a pair!

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