Whataburger Embraces Tex-Mex with New Chorizo Menu Items

Ask any Texan what their go-to fast food joint is, come rain or shine, and most likely they'll answer Whataburger. While the chain has been a staple since 1950 when that first stand stood up in Corpus Christi, the best little brand in Texas has never stopped innovating and revamping their menu. We've loved the changes in the last few years, including the spicy strawberry sauce. This new menu offering looks to be even more popular as Whataburger embraces its true Tex-Mex side. Meet the chorizo burger.

Let's recap. Chorizo sausage is a lean, cured meat that is often seasoned with pimentón and chili peppers. It's a versatile meat that most home cooks outside of the Southwest don't use very much in their kitchens. It's a requirement for queso fundido and is spotted on the best queso flameados around. Which is why Whataburger's Chorizo Burger looks downright incredible.

Sliced and seasoned chorizo sits between two perfect all-beef patties as Monterey Jack cheese melts on top. As for toppings, the burger rounds out with grilled peppers, onions, and a special Creamy Chili Sauce that packs a "bold flavor with just the right amount of spice."

Rich Scheffler, the Whataburger Vice President of Marketing and Innovation stated:

"Mexican-style chorizo makes this burger unique with its deep red color, fresh blend of spices, and bold, flavorful profile. The flavors on this burger blend nicely for a balanced but savory taste we think our customers will enjoy."

That new Chorizo Burger isn't all Whataburger has done, though. They're also serving up a Chorizo Taquito with a bold taste on a flour tortilla.

But wait...there's more! Try a Chorizo Taquito and change up your morning routine. Available 11pm-11am.

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A flour tortilla, warm and toasty, is filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, and American cheese for a comforting breakfast snack. Late night Whataburger runs just got a whole lot more delicious around here.

Do you love trying new Whataburger items, or do you stick to your tried-and-true order every time? We'll be branching out for these two options for sure.

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