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Whataburger Gifts Randy Rogers One of a Kind Boots for Birthday


Country star Randy Rogers is celebrating his birthday in the ultimate Texas style thanks to burger chain, Whataburger. The Randy Rogers Band, known for their Texas charm, was performing at the first-ever Texas Summer Jam in Dallas. And knowing how much the lead singer loved Whataburger, the Texas burger chain gifted the singer with the best gift possible, Whataburger boots. 

"We know how much he loves Whataburger's Fancy Ketchup and hope he loves these boots just as much," a Whataburger's spokesperson said.

The one-of-a-kind cowboy boots feature the Whataburger logo and the iconic orange and white coloring. While backstage, Whataburger officials surprised the country music singer with a camo-duffle bag inscribed with the Whataburger "W". Upon further inspection singer Randy Rogers unzips the bag and takes a look at his new Whataburger cowboy boots.

This isn't the first time this year Whataburger has surprised some of their biggest fans. On August 16th Whataburger decided to surprise one lucky Trinity University student studying in San Antonio, Texas with a full-blown Whataburger dorm room.


Last year Enrique Alcoreza was an RA for his dorm building. He decided to decorate the entire hall with Whataburger signs and swag and students started taking photos. It wasn't long until the restuarant chain became aware of Alcoreza's designs.

To show their appreciation Whataburger officials decided to completely transform his dorm room with orange and white bedding, day dot pillows and even a Whataburger orange patio table decorated with coasters and mugs for all his friends to enjoy.

The Texas burger restaurant is known for treating their customers as esteemed guests. Just take a look at the "What's Cookin'" section on their website. You'll fall head over cowboy boots for all the stories the restaurant has compiled about their amazing fan base. Who knows, your story may be next.

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