What People Around the U.S. Order at Starbucks

Your Starbucks order could reveal more about you than you think. Swapping out regular milk for coconut betrays a certain health consciousness. Asking for an extra triple shot of espresso could reveal insufficient sleep the night before. And ordering a Cupcake Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème suggests you don't actually like coffee, you're just here because your ride insisted on stopping.

According to recent data from Starbucks, you may even be able to guess where you're from by your order. The renowned coffee purveyor, in combination with Quartz, analyzed hundreds of millions of transactions at Starbucks cafes around the country to identify the most beloved drinks by city and state. Here's what they found:

Quartz Media

Brewed coffee and lattes are the most popular order in every state.

No surprises there. The survey found that brewed coffee was the most common order in every state, followed by lattes.

Different cities like different brews.

Even though brewed coffee is favored across the board, some cities are partial to different brews. For example, Seattle, Boston, and Minneapolis are all about the dark roast, while Chicago and Denver enjoy the light brew. New York, San Francisco, and Portland fall somewhere in between; their most common order is the medium roast.

Not all hot states like ice coffee.

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Hot states like Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Hawaii will usually take ice coffee over regular coffee. However, states like Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi prefer hot coffee, despite their often-sweltering weather.

Certain orders are unusually popular in certain cities.

When it comes to uncommon and specialty drinks, different cities have different favorites. Here are unusually popular orders in major cities around the U.S.:

  • Charlette: Skinny latte

  • Denver: Tea latte

  • Los Angeles: Frappuccino

  • Memphis: White chocolate mocha

  • Omaha: Mocha

  • Phoenix: Ice caramel macchiato

  • Portland: Eggnog latte

  • San Antonio: Frappuccino

  • San Diego: Green tea Frappuccino

  • San Francisco: Soy latte

  • Seattle: Extra shot of espresso

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