The 10 Favorite Fast Food Items in America Might Surprise You

What's your favorite fast food item? Everyone has one, even if you might be a tad ashamed to admit it. The Ringer recently finished Last Meal on Earth: The End of Eating, its weeklong content package devoted to food, food, food. To close out the week, the Ringer staff decided to settle, once and for all, the top-100 absolute best fast-food items in America -- no easy feat.

The Ringer determined its rankings through a two-step process. First, they established a list of more than 100 nominees, then held a general election (with condiments disqualified from contention) to come up with the 100 best, in order.

Here are the top 10 favorite fast food items in America, are they yours, too?

10. Five Guys: Bacon Cheeseburger

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Nothing uses bacon quite like Five Guys' bacon cheeseburger. The deliciousness is real.

9. McDonald's: McFlurry

The McFlurry is a fan favorite, but it's topped a few frozen fast food treats.

8. Wendy's: Frosty

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What makes a Frosty even better? Dipping French fries in it, y'all.

7. Dairy Queen: Blizzard

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Turn it upside down all you want, it won't slide!

6. Arby's: Curly Fries

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The seasoning on Arby's curly fries are like angel dust.

5. Chick-fil-A: Chicken Sandwich

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Chick-fil-A built their entire business around the chicken sandwich, and it shows.

4. Popeyes: Chicken

Sorry KFC, Popeye's is the universal fan favorite when it comes to buckets o'drumsticks.

3. McDonald's: Fries

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McDonald's fries are a timeless classic and for good reason, they use just the right amount of salt to pair well with your ice-cold, fizzy Coca-Cola.

2. In-N-Out: Double-Double

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Ah, Animal Style. This would not be a favorite fast food item list without In-N-Out gracing the top three.

1. Chick-fil-A: Waffle Fries

Chick-fil-A pulls out an entire value meal on this list with its chicken sandwich and waffle fries. We know what we're ordering next time.

Where do your favorites fall on the list? View the complete ranking here and give us your top-10 in the comments!

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