This is What 100 Calories of Your Favorite Halloween Candy Looks Like

Catch a glimpse of the nutrition facts on the back of a package of Reese's Cups, and you might let out a blood-curdling scream. With a duo setting you back a whopping 220 calories and 22 grams of sugar, Reese's Pieces contents can be downright frightening. To give you some perspective, you'd have to run about two miles or bike about six miles to burn off 220 calories as a 130-pound person.

With Halloween around the corner, you may be tempted to indulge in a fun-size chocolate bar or six.  And that's cool--"It's okay to treat yourself," explains Maxine Siegel, R.D., head of the food lab at Consumer Reports. "In fact, leaving room in your diet for some not-so-healthy foods can help you stick to healthy eating habits the rest of the time because you don't feel deprived."

This Halloween, nutrition experts recommend sticking to 100-calorie portions of candy to keep your waistline, health, and teeth happy. That's equivalent to about one mile of running or 2.75 miles of biking for a 130-pound person. To figure out exactly how much candy you can sneak from your kids' stash without derailing your diet, consult this guide to what 100 calories of Halloween candy looks like:

Consumer Reports

Butterfinger Fun-Size: 1.2 Bars

Candy Corn: 13.6 Pieces

Hershey's Kisses: 4.5 Kisses

Kit Kat Snack Size: 2.86 Logs

M&M's: 23 Pieces

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Snack Size: 91% of one cup

Skittles Sour: 23.3 Pieces

Snickers Fun Size Bars: 1.25 Bars

Starburst: 5 Pieces

Twix Minis: 2 Bars

The only thing more terrifying than the amount of sugar in a box of Mike 'N Ikes is the thought of having no Halloween candy at all this year. Or even worse: eating weird, sugar-free candy (did you know that sugar-free Red Vines exist? Spooky!).

This year, don't cut yourself off from everything that's delicious like some evil, candy-hating demon Halloween clown. Instead, focus on portion control to treat yourself without reining havoc on your healthy eating habits.

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