What $1 Can Buy You in Food Around the World

If you think the dollar menu at your favorite drive through is a deal, you're about to be blown away. The humble buck can actually get you quite a lot around the world. BuzzFeed readers flooded the site with information on just how full your belly can get with just one dollar in food around the world.

Travel to Finland, and you've got a handful of frankfurters. In Vietnam it's an entire bowl of pho. Head to Honduras and you can trade a dollar for 11 bananas. That's a lot of potassium.

In some spots, though, a dollar didn't go far. Take Switzerland where it's only worth three sticks of gum. And you've really really really got to like eggs in Malaysia if all you have is a dollar on you.

After careful review, Hungary is the clear winner in the what-can-you-get-for-a-dollar battle.

Head to the supermarket there with a dollar there and you will come back with an entire bottle of wine. Not a glass, not a sample size, an entire bottle. Now that's something worth making it rain for.

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