Wendy's Top-Secret, 9-Patty T-Rex Spotted in U.S. Stores

Wendy's top-secret, 3,000-calorie "T-Rex" Burger -- made with nine beef patties and nine slices of cheese -- has been spotted at U.S. stores, Foodbeast reports. This behemoth burger was first spotted in Canada in 2013, at a store in Brandon, Manitoba.

Though it originated as a joke ad from a 2002 issue of Sports Illustrated when customers ordered this monstrous meat-pile, employees were happy to oblige -- until corporate shut them down.

So far, a few reports have come out that the T-Rex Burger is being sold at a Pilot Travel Center in Peden Mill, Kentucky.

It real... might have to get on way home. @wendys #trexburger

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Looks like I'm in Kentucky! #kentucky #wendys #hypertension #trumpcare

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