Your Favorite Fast Food Treat is 50 Cents All Summer Long

Do you remember your first Frosty from Wendy's? Expecting something between a chocolate malt shake and a melted soft serve, that one chocolate Frosty probably changed the way you looked at frozen fast food desserts.  What if we told you that you could recreate that experience again for only 50 cents?

If you're in need of a cool way to beat the heat this summer -- and aren't we all? -- look no further than Wendy's, which is offering 50-cent small Frosties through the end of summer.

The deal is good on both vanilla and chocolate Frosties, and is valid at participating locations throughout the U.S. -- except for Alaska and Hawaii. The promotion is running concurrent with Wendy's' 50-Cent Frosty Film Sweepstakes, which gives Frosty Fans chances to win movie tickets. How do you win? It's easy.

First, take a selfie with a Frosty, post it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #50CentFrostyFilms and #Sweepstakes, and set your account to accept direct public messages. You might end up wit the best prize of all, a free date night. Just make sure you get your own Frosties to dip your French fries in!

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