Weather Forecaster Nixes the Inches, Forecasts Blizzard in Wine Instead

The Northeast is currently in the midst of a fierce winter snowstorm and while those of us elsewhere in the country feel for them, we all know that a snow day means you get to sit around and drink wine without pretense.

That's at least what Chris Sowers, a Philadelphia forecaster for WPVI, knew when he took to Twitter to really let the population know what kind of blizzard they were in for.

The photo was not broadcasted live on air, and was instead Photoshopped following the original broadcast and posted to his personal Twitter. Here are the actual inch predictions versus the wine predictions. It seems accurate.

Newscast Studio

It seems like Sowers knows his stuff. As someone who lived in Pennsylvania, 12 to 16 inches of snowfall definitely calls for 15-25 bottles of wine. You just never know who might stop by!

Stay safe out there, Northeastern friends, and stay slightly buzzed, per Sowers' advice.

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