McDonald's Chicken Big Mac is the Best of Both Worlds

While it's been of the chain's most popular "secret menu" items, McDonald's Australia is now officially offering its customers the Chicken Big Mac. The Chicken Big Mac is exactly what it sounds like -- two McChicken patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun -- and will be available at McDonald's' down-under stores through July 18.

Less familiar this side of the Pacific but also now available at "Macca's" are Shaker Fries. First introduced in 2011 before rotating off the menu, Shaker Fries are, essentially, a bag of regular fries and a packet of powdered cheeseburger-flavored seasoning. Pour the flavoring into the bag, shake well and -- voilà-- Cheeseburger Flavor Shaker Fries.

McDonald's Australia

According to Jenni Dill, CEO of McDonald's Australia,

"The iconic Big Mac and the McChicken are among our most popular burgers, so it made sense to mix up these two classics and give our customers a new and exciting product to try -- the Chicken Big Mac."

No word yet if we'll see the Chicken Big Mac pop up on American menus anytime soon, but you can always build one yourself from the not-so-secret secret menu.

Just order a Big Mac and two McChicken sandwiches. Trade the patties, and boom! Your own Chicken Big Mac.

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