Every Waterloo Sparkling Water Flavor Available Now

Give me the choice between sparkling water and a soda and 10 times out of 10 I'm reaching for the sparkling water. Crisp, clean, and refreshing, sparkling water is getting their moment. I've always been an avid La Croix sparkling water drinker, but recently I stumbled upon Waterloo Sparkling Water from Austin, Texas. One sip and I was instantly hooked.

What is Sparkling Water?

Known as soda water, fizzy water, seltzer, or water with gas, sparkling water is plain water containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas which is either artificially injected under pressure or occurs naturally due to natural geological processes. Club soda and sparkling mineral water contain dissolved minerals like Potassium bicarbonate, Sodium citrate, and Sodium bicarbonate. The first sparkling water is said to have been created in 1740, by Joseph Priestley, who is known as the "father of the soft drink".

Today there are many flavorful sparkling water brands you can find on the grocery store shelf including Perrier, Sparkling Ice, Spindrift, Polar Beverages, Bubly, and of course, La Croix and Waterloo.

The History of Waterloo Sparkling Water

In 2017, the team behind Waterloo knew that there was something missing in the sparkling water market. So they got to work creating sparkling water made with Non-GMO Project verified and Whole 30 Approved flavors, that were zero calories and contained zero sodium, no sugar, & no artificial sweeteners. Packaged in BPA-free lined aluminum cans, Waterloo boasts a smooth mouthfeel that'll tempt your tastebuds. The true-to-fruit flavors are derived from natural essence oils, making this drink free of any artificial ingredients. That means natural flavors made from real fruit. Jason Shiver, CEO of Waterloo Sparkling Water, notes that "we probably use three times the flavors that competitors use."

Every Waterloo Flavor Available Now



Zesty complex of lime and lemon flavors; short but prevalent bright citrus finish.



Sweet, ripe flavor that reminds you of a hot summer day with a freshly picked peach.



Upfront balance of bright and fruity blueberry notes, and refreshing true-to-fruit finish.



Juicy watermelon taste and a real fruit finish that creates a sessionable refreshment.

Black Cherry


It's rich, crisp taste brightens the taste buds with perfect balance of sweet and tart; snappy finish that does not linger.



A subtle tart grape flavor, balanced with a crisp bubble finish. Everything you loved about grape soda without the guilt.



Flavor forward hit of fragrant strawberry with a sweet finish that keeps you coming back for more.



Sweet, zesty flavor that brings you a refreshing treat from the tropics.



Rich succulent coconut that takes you right to the beach and makes you go coco for 'Loo.



A great balance of zesty grapefruit and delightful aroma; crisp and dry finish, no lingering sweetness.



Lively mouthfeel with just the right amount of carbonation; NO mineral aftertaste.

Waterloo Sparkling Water is available at retailers such as Target, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Publix, as well as Amazon as single-flavor packs or a variety pack. Drink them as is or mix them up as mocktails.

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