Watching Irish People Try Whiskey Treat Recipes from Pinterest is Hilarious

I have to admit, I often associate whiskey with the Irish. Maybe it's because some of my favorite types are Irish whiskey. So what do the Irish think of these Pinterest recipes for cooking with whiskey? I would assume they would love them all, but probably because they sound so delicious to me.

Facts put together an Irish to decide what they really thought about these boozy adult treats. You might be surprised by some of their responses!

The video basically starts with one of the Irish people saying "Anyone holding whiskey is a treat." Awww, that's sweet (sorry, pun intended).

1. Sweet and Salty Snack

The Sweet and Salty Snack is better known as boozy Rice Krispy Treats (or "Pop Snackle and Crack" as one of the Irish calls it). The sticky treat was met with mixed results, some loving the sticky hands and others loving them so much they might eat 15 of them. Sounds like a great way to get a buzz to me!

2. Salted Caramel Whiskey Truffles

They all had some fun with the Salted Caramel Whiskey Truffles, or "salted chocolate balls" as the Irish laughingly called them.

It's probably not a good thing that these reminded on Irish person of her dog's dingleberries, and the brown stains were certainly a problem. All and all, this was rated a waste of whiskey and a waste of time (ouch).

3. Whiskey Caramel Apples

Messy as they were, the Whiskey Caramel Apples fared better (except that one apple looked like it had diarrhea, which is never a review you want to see as a chef!). How could you not love a warm, caramel apple, especially when covered in whiskey?

The overall vote was something that an alcoholic 8-year-old would think is a good idea (so, what does that say about me? I want to make and eat these immediately!).

4. Whiskey Cupcakes

Whiskey Cupcakes came next, and it seemed like everyone had a bit of a buzz on by this time. Finally, this treat was one where they could taste the whiskey. Their shouts of "Hooray!" were quickly followed by "So strong. Oh god, it's so strong."

This whiskey treat sounded less treat and more like whiskey itself. One Irish person suggested to treat it like a shot - just put it in your mouth and think about it later.

5. Whiskey Peach Popsicle

Finally came the Whiskey Peach Popsicle, which was overwhelmingly unpopular amongst the Irish. It was voted "eh-plus-plus" and a good way to make sure your kids aren't lightweights when they grow up.

The overall verdict - everything was just above average. I think maybe we should stick to whiskey drinks and drinking treats, but not try to mix the two.

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