Hidden Valley Ranch Knows a Ranch Fountain Is the Way to Hearts Everywhere

Because March 10 is National Ranch Dressing Day, Hidden Valley decided to launch its first online shop in honor of the zesty-soaked holiday. If you weren't aware that today was the day to celebrate your favorite vegetable-dipping dressing or your favorite salad companion, that's alright because all that really matters is that Hidden Valley is selling a Ranch Dressing Fountain.

You did not misread that sentence. The Hidden Valley Ranch Fountain is the "ultimate dip dispensing party companion." Priced at $100.00, that might seem steep for the fountain, but it also comes with a year's worth of Hidden Valley Original Ranch in the form of 12 36-ounce bottles.

Hidden Valley

The fountain holds two pounds of Ranch and is BPA-free. Hidden Valley is always looking out.

If the fountain isn't your thing, perhaps you'd interested in a Jewel Encrusted Hidden Valley Bottle - Limited Edition?

Hidden Valley

This 24-ounce jewel encrusted bottle is currently selling for $50.00 and is complete with a tidy yellow ribbon to truly showcase its excellence.

There are no jewels in the ranch from this bottle, but it would make a perfect table centerpiece for your favorite Ranch fan.

If you love Hidden Valley Ranch, but want something a little less extravagant, fear not. The shop also features a beach towel, canvas tote, hat, greeting cards, backpacks, and of course, shirts all emblazoned with: Peace, Love, Ranch.

Hidden Valley

Our personal favorite is the beach towel because nothing says summer like Ranch Dressing by the pool!

So head on over to the Hidden Valley store to check out all of their items and who knows? Maybe you'll find something you'll fall head over heels for, just like Hidden Valley Ranch.

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