A Texas Couple Affected by Harvey Received an Unexpected Gift from a Kind Waitress

Americans come together in times of struggle. Whether or not the acts of kindness are shown on the evening news, these small moments of supper occur every single day. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Texas has united together stronger to start the slow process of long-term rebuilding. As evacuees and Texans displaced from their homes decide whether to return to Houston, or begin elsewhere in the Lone Star State, these acts of kindness act as a buoy in tough times. This story from Fairfield, Texas reminds us of just that.

As Carlos Sepeda, Jr. told the Facebook page Love What Matters, he and his wife evacuated before the storm. As the news went from bad to worse, they stopped for a bite to eat when this interaction occurred that changed their entire outlook on the situation.

Facebook: Love What Matters

Here is the full story, in Carlos' words:

"This is how I know Texas is great! My mother in law took my wife and I to Sam's restaurant in Fairfield, Tx after we evacuated. Our waitress who we had never met before waited on us and heard about our situation. She handed my wife this paper, we did not look at it till we got to the parking lot. We opened the note to see a 100 dollar bill we walked back in to tell her we could not take her money. Her reply was she had gone to the back and prayed on it and she refused to take the money back. She then offered us a table a chairs if we needed them. My friends and family if you are in Fairfield make sure to stop by Sam's restaurant and see Mary, tip her well and show Texas gratitude! This is what Texas pride is made of!"

The note from Mary reads:

"This isn't much compared to your loss. Buy you something special. God bless - my prayers are with you. Mary"

So look around you when the going gets tough. The one constant will be the outpouring of support, from loved ones, friends, and even strangers in times of struggle.

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