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Get Excited, Waffle House is Finally Selling Their Waffle Mix Online


Waffle House remains closed, but that doesn't mean you can't get your Waffle House waffle fix. The famous 24-hour restaurant chain is offering takeout orders during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For many, this is a win, but Waffle House decided to treat customers to another great service. You can now buy Waffle House waffle mix online.

Weekend mornings just got even better. Each bag has enough batter for 5-6 waffles. Get your electric mixer and favorite maple syrup out. You can have crispy Belgian waffles in no time. To top things off, Waffle House is also selling their beloved house coffee online.

Waffle House Waffle Mix (3 bags)

Waffle House lovers have resorted to finding Waffle House waffle recipes through google. Brunch just hasn't been the same since Waffle House had to close their diner!

If you can find all-purpose flour, baking soda, and vanilla extract at your grocery store, then you should be able to whip up waffles in no time. Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes is an excellent resource for a Waffle House copycat recipe.


What's everyone making for breakfast these days? COVID-19 has limited some of our grocery store shopping, so we're looking for new recipes to try. I'm a big fan of Cracker Barrel's buttermilk pancakes.

You can find their batter mix on Amazon. All you need to do is add water! It doesn't get easier than that. If you haven't tried Cracker Barrel's pancakes, then you are missing out. In terms of breakfast food, Cracker Barrel is definitely on the same tier as Waffle House.

Be sure to get your sweet fixins' to bring your pancakes and waffles to the next level. Chocolate chips, cinnamon honey butter, and sweet maple syrup make breakfast 100 times better.


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